Long After the Death Of Chris Cornell, Police Revealed His Suicide Scene Pictures

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 12 Jul,2017 Updated on 12 Jul,2017

It’s been about two months since the American music artist Chris Cornell committed suicide but still, the investigations are on and police had found some conclusive evidence earlier and they made it public recently. 

As the Detroit Police opened his hotel room, they found his prescriptions and the exercise apparatus that he used to kill himself, as reported by TMZ  ​​​​

Late American musician Chris Cornell

Late American musician Chris Cornell


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The Detroit Police Department has recently released some photos from the suicide scene. The bathroom, where Cornell was dead, shows the exercise band lying on the floor, surrounded by a streak of blood.

There were also 3 prescription bottles- prednisone (anti-inflammatory), Omeprazole (antacid), and Lorazepam (anti-anxiety) at the scene.

The lead vocalist of widely popular band Soundgarden was declared dead by hanging as reported by the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office on 18th of May 2017

Chris Cornell with his wife and two children

Chris Cornell with his wife and two children


As per reports, Cornell told, ‘I am just tired’ to his wife Karagiannis in a telephone conversation just before he hung himself.

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Cornell was a sensational music artist gave a number of hit songs like Nothing Compares to You, Nearly Forgot My Broken. He will always be remembered!