London Teachers, Brit Milly and Toby Savill Died In Greek Buggy Crash

News by Sammy Published on 19 Apr,2019

The Teacher Couple, Brit Milly and Toby Savill  Killed In A Buggy Accident In 656ft.

  • Brit Milly and Toby Savill Died After Plunging 656ft In a Buggy Accident.
  • The incident occurred on Sunday while they were on the Profitis Ilias mountain.
  • After the death of the young couple, Toby Savill's father said they were very much devoted to one another and after the incident, both families are being held together by faith. 

The Young British Teacher couple, Brit Milly and Toby Savill died when they plunged 656ft down in a buggy accident. The incident took place after they miscalculated how many places they had and reversed their buggy accidentally over a ravine's edge in Santorini.

CAPTION: Brit Milly and Toby Savill Died In Greek Buggy Crash SOURCE: The Times

As per the sources,

The driver tried to turn the buggy around in the middle of the road but miscalculated. He put the buggy in reverse, moved back thinking he had enough space, but by the time he realised his mistake the weight of the buggy was drawing him backwards and it fell into the ravine. There was no fence or wall on the edge of the cliff.

As per the local media, they were driving on the Profitis Ilias mountain when the buggy fell down into the 200-meter ravine on Sunday afternoon.

Steve Coulson, the father of Mrs. Savill, said,

Milly and Toby were married in August 2017 and were utterly devoted to one another.

Toby Savill used to teach history at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy and Brit Milly use to teach at St Anne's Catholic primary school

Mrs. Savill's sister also paid tribute to the couple through her Facebook account saying,

The joy from your wedding is just a taste compared to the joy you must be experiencing in Heaven right now.  Whilst still surreal, we grieve at our loss of Milly and Toby who were the happiest couple with genuine love for every person that was part of their lives. Our only comfort is in knowing that you are having the best party with Jesus right now and one day we will join you too. We love you both so much.

Even though the emergency services were called at around 2.30pm on Sunday but they had to struggle a lot to reach the pair as it was in the remote region.

The death news of the couple was confirmed by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Wednesday.