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Tyler Steinkamp, better known as loltyler1 gained name and fame from the Internet. He became a star following his incredible League of Legends gaming skills on Twitch. Known as one of the best players in the world, loltyler1 couldn't handle his success well and started behaving badly using offensive words. His reckless manner eventually got him the title of Most Toxic Player in North America. Other than the highs and lows in his social media life, he is dating his girlfriend Macaiyla.

Early Life And Education Of loltyler1    

loltyler1 was born on 6 March 1995 in the United States. His real name is Tyler Steinkamp. According to his date of birth, his star sign is Pisces which defines him as a Compa s sionate and artistic person. 

loltyler1 grew up with his brother named Eric. He studied computer science at the Central Methodist University.     

loltyler1's Career  

Tyler Steinkamp rose to fame through hit loltyler1 Twitch live streaming channel. loltyler1 is an excellent player of the League of Legends video game. He plays his character Draven who is one of the top players of the world. In the year 2014, the player was ranked 13th player in the world.

Aside from his reputation as one of the best League of Legends players of the world, he also established himself as the 'Most Toxic Player in North America' because of his toxic behavior. loltyler1 had his approx 15 accounts banned for his unsportsmanlike conduct.  

CAPTION: Twitch star loltyler1 SOURCE: From loltyler1's Instagram

Following his brutal behavior and use of abusive words, loltyler1 ended up losing some of his followers. For his gaming techniques, loltyler1 has a fan following of over 1.8 million followers with more than 83.6 million views as of October 2018. 

loltyler1 joined YouTube back in May 2014. Shortly after joining, the star managed to gain an increasing number of subscribers. As of October 2018, his YouTube channel has noble subscribers of over 1.3 million and has incredible views of more than 202.8 million. 

On his YouTube channel, loltyler1 frequently uploads videos. In his channel, he uploads all sorts of videos from gaming, cooking, painting, to several other random videos. So far, loltyler1 has uploaded 302 videos on his channel.       

loltyler1's Net Worth

Successful Twitch star loltyler1 is making a handsome amount of money from his Internet fame, however, there is no reliable information regarding his net worth. Being a world famous Twitch star, he definitely had his net worth in $six digits.   

The social media star is making an attractive amount of cash from the YouTube as well. According to a reliable source, loltyler1 is making approx $1.5K to $24.4K per month and $18,300 to $293,200 per year from the YouTube.    

loltyler1's Personal Life

loltyler1 is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Macaiyla, an Instagram star. From the year 2016, the couple is in a serious relationship and in November 2017, the two celebrated their one year of togetherness. loltyler1 and Macaiyla shares plenty of sensual pictures of one another on their Instagram.

CAPTION: loltyler1 with his girlfriend Macaiyla SOURCE: From loltyler1's Instagram

Looks like the social media couple is head over the heals for one another. His girlfriend Macaiyla is one among the only 3 people loltyler1 is following on his Instagram account as of October 2018. 

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Though he is following only 3 people, the Twitch star loltyler1 has a huge fan following of more than 302K. In his Insta, he is seen spending quality time with his parents as well. On his Twitter account, loltyler1 has an incredible number of followers of 337K. As of 2018, the YouTuber resides in New London, Missouri. 

Body Measurement  

  • Height: He stands at 5 ft 7 inches (1.74 m).
  • Wight: He weighs 185 lbs (83.9 kg) as of 2018. 
  • Body measurement: He has a fit and attractive body measurement.

Here's a video of loltyler1 with his mother. 

by manisha, 05 Oct, 2018

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