Liz Cho and Josh Elliott engaged, Married

News by Sahra Mishra Published on 03 Oct,2014 Updated on 03 Oct,2014

The most talked about and the sensational television personalities Liz Cho and Josh Elliot are finally been engaged. Both of them have been the hot topic in the news concerning their relationship. They had not even confirmed their affair previously. The news of their engagement is viral all over the internet and news media.  The engagement has been confirmed by a close source to the couple. The source also confirmed that the two had been dating since the 2012. Source also added; there is no engagement ring but a simple gold band which is his family heirloom instead. Because of this reason, people cannot realize easily that Josh’s girlfriend, Liz Cho is engaged to him. The couple is just been revealing the news even to their family and friends. The engagement has been done in the low profile based. The couple got engaged during the summer while going in the vacation in the Europe. However, the marriage date has not been set yet. The couple has been silent afterwards. The engagement of the couple has been first reported by the New York Post’s Page Six.

Liz Cho works for the local news channel WABC-TV based in New York since 2003. She is the current host of the Eyewitness News in the network that is aired weekdays at 4 pm and 6 pm. She is a divorced woman. She was previously married to Evan Gottileb.  She has a beautiful daughter from her ex-husband born in the year 2007. Her name is Louisa Simone Gottileb.

Talking about Josh Elliot, he works for NBC Sports. He was dubbed as the “Golden Boy” ABC channel’s popular Good Morning America as it is said that Josh Elliot is one of the names on the success of the program. Josh has always been popular with the women. The rumors of his relationships with several women of the related field and off field have always hit the news. Josh Elliot is also a divorced man. He was previously married to Priya Narang. He also has a beautiful daughter from her. Her name is Sarina. Josh Elliot has also admitted that he is a sex addict and has made relation with many of the woman within his network and out of the network.

Liz and Josh had met together at the set of the ABC network, where they used to work together. The couple shares a lot of similarities relating to their personal life. This might be the reason for their togetherness as it must have been easy for them to pour down their anxiety’s, fears, wishes, wants, etc. Besides, they also have the similar profession. They are great help to each other even professionally as well as personally which has attached themselves together comfortably. The chemistry between them is regarded as the match made in heaven.  Before they had confirmed their relation, there was a lot of rumor and speculations. They had made their relation very private keeping quite but being seen together often. Even in the network, their colleagues knew about their relation but as they had not confirmed by themselves, they also could not confirm the affair. Happy go lucky! Finally, the relation is public with their engagement and everyone is excited to learn the news about their marriage in the future.