Live Reporting Meteorologist Pushed Yards Away By the Windy Hurricane Irma in Napes

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 11 Sep,2017 Updated on 11 Sep,2017

A news is breaking the internet showing footage of the disastrous hurricane Irma. The footage shows a television meteorologist, Mike Bettes reporting live while the hurricane Irma broke out the street behind.

Mike currently serves as a meteorologist with weather channel.



He was reporting the massive Hurricane as it flooded Florida and destructing landfall occurred in Florida key sectors making the turns to the northward.

After several hours of the destruction, the storm actively landed for the second time. This time the storm hit closely the city of Napes on the west coast state.

Source: CNNMoney

Here, Bettes was going live in Napes around the population of 20000. And then the footage behind him showed a tornado passed down the street behind him.

The enormous force of the storm pushed the meteorologist by several yards. Fortunately, he escaped the disaster and made his way safely to the unit.

Source: ABCNews

The recent reports of the number of decreased in Florida are marked to be 3.