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"The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow" and the life of Lisa Nichols is the best example. She started her career when she had only $12 in her bank account and now she is a millionaire entrepreneur, a popular motivational speaker, best selling author, and CEO of 'Motivating The Ma s ses' – a worldwide stage. Lisa's own experience has helped her teaching people turning their own breakdowns into breakthroughs.     

Early Life Of Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols was born on 18 May 1966 in Los Angeles, California, United State to father Theodore Nichols under the birth sign Taurus which defines her personality to be practical, reliable, sensual and ambitious.  

#abundanceNOW riding around with my son jelani

— Lisa Nichols (@2motivate) October 31, 2015

Nichols holds the American nationality and she belongs to the black ethnicity. Nicholas grew up in her hometown LA with her siblings.

Lisa Nichols's Career  

Nichols is the organizer and CEO of Motivating The Ma s ses, which is an individual advancement organization that shows her some kind of way to deal to achieve maximum strength in all everyday issues. Lisa's teachings in related to the Law of Attraction were also included in the bestseller book, The Secret. Lisa is a top-rated writer and has published seven books.   

Her books have grabbed the eye of numerous news sources. She has been invited to various TV shows such as Oprah, the Steve Harvey Show, and the Today Show

Lisa Nichols has won several awards for her charity work including the Humanitarian Award from South Africa. Nichols has been given several honors for her work and her aim is to help other people to make individual progress. Lisa Nichols also has a strong presence in social media with over 110K followers on her Instagram.

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Lisa Nichols's Net Worth

Lisa Nichols has gathered an impressive amount of a s sets of $5 million. She has collected such huge wealth from her various profession as representative and business person. She is earning her fortunes as a motivational speaker and influencing the huge ma s s of individuals. She has also gathered a good sum of money as an author.

Stop playing the blame game - stay in action!

— Lisa Nichols (@2motivate) December 1, 2018

Her journey from rags to riches began when she had only $11.42 on her bank account. Now, she is the CEO of Motivating the Ma s ses. The organization is one of the productive organizations which have helped a huge number of people to influence in their life.  

As an author, she has written several books among which six are the bestselling books. These books have played a vital role in inspiring people. Her influential speeches are also an incredible motivation to the public.

Lisa has also worked in the film The Secret and shows like Extra, Larry King Live, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Lisa Nichols's Personal Life

As far as Lisa Nichols' relationship status is concerned, she is a single mother. According to the sources, Nichols is not dating any man in recent years rather she has been focused on her career as a motivational speaker. Sometimes, Nichols shares her struggles in raising her son as a single mother. Lisa also shared her painful journey after her marriage as her husband mistreated her physically and mentally.

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In 1994, Lisa gave birth to her kid, Jelani with her husband. Eight months after the child was born, her husband was sentenced for the alleged domestic violence. When her husband was imprisoned, the real struggle for Lisa Nichols began. She didn't have the money to buy diapers for her child. It was reported that she only had $11.42 in her bank account at that time. Then she wrapped her son, Jelani in towels for two days, and promised him she would never end up bankrupt again.

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Lisa shares a decent bond with her child Jelani Nichols. She frequently posts pictures together with her child on her Instagram. Jelani is an expert in culinary arts and an explorer.

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