Lisa Boothe Said Dreamers Are Right To Get Angry At Nancy Pelosi Over DACA

News by Riya Published on 20 Sep,2017 Updated on 04 Jul,2018

Immigration activists and ''Dreamers'' shouted down Nancy Pelosi at her own press conference on Monday. The activists were furious at her as she entered talks with President Donald Trump on the DACA ( Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) program. 

Lisa Boothe on Outnumbered

Lisa Boothe on Outnumbered

DACA supporters shouted ''Liar!'' at Nancy Pelosi who seemed visibly upset until she left. 
Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe commented on the situation saying ''Dreamers'' are justified in being frustrated at Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, and the Democratic party. 
Lisa Marie Boothe said:

What did they do? They had both bodies of Congress and the White House. They failed to get immigration done.They went with ObamaCare instead so immigration clearly wasn't the number one priority.

Boothe added, ''These individuals are left where they currently are because President Obama moved forward with a program that was unconstitutional."

President Donald Trump has announced he is phasing out DACA, he has given six months time to Congress to work out a legislative solution to the immigration problem.  

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