Leslie Jones try out a new duet in SNL promo

News by Utshav Dhungana Published on 15 May,2016 Updated on 15 May,2016

Drake and Leslie Jones (Actress with the net worth of 1.8 million dollar) have a strained meeting to generate new ideas in NBC's new Saturday Night Live promo. 

In the wake of examining how they're comparatively "joyful" individuals, castmember Jones pitches a thought for a portrayal on the appear, which at last, she "hits him like a child." She includes, "You could do a tune and everything!" 

Drake is a diversion, singing a couple bars for her of his next hit, "Beat You Like a Baby." 

In another promo, Drake has some client administration issues with his "Hotline Bling." Throughout his discussion with Jones, he's hindered by innumerable telephone calls, before at long last replying: "Hotline Bling, Drake talking. In what manner would I be able to help you?" 

Drake has and serves as  a musical visitor on the May 14 scene, with SNL vet Fred Armisen to take after on the season 41 finale on May 21 with musical visitor Courtney Barnett.

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