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Leslie Hope birth name is Leslie Ann Hope who was born in May 6, 1965. This Canadian actress was born in May 6, 1965 and she is running 50 years old as her age. Leslie was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia of Canada and the active years of this popular celebrity started from the year 1981 till the present duration of time. Her character as Teri Bauer is calculated among the best performances within her life which she got appeared within 24 which was a top ranked Fox Television series. She is the oldest having one of the younger brother among the children of her parents and she was inspired to join the acting school by her grandmother with her dream to see her granddaughter being as an actress.

Leslie in early times completed her graduation degree from St. Michael’s University School and this was during the year1982. As similar to this she also spent most of her time within Victoria’s British Columbia. She also got appeared within many of the American as well as Canadian films and in the very early phase she was appeared with the guest performances. Her character as Penelope within Ups and Down during the year 1981 is among the best performances in the progressive way in her life. Additionally, within Love Streams in the year 1984 with the role as Joanie was also listed under the remarkable progressive nature looking on to her bio of the career. 

Leslie in the very first time got married with the popular writer and actor after the long time affair whom she used to dictate as boyfriend in the public places named as Jamie Angeli. They got married in 1994 and started saying each other as spouse. As similar to this they did not last their relationship for a long duration therefore they got a divorce in the year 1996 with their mutual understanding. Similarly, she again got married with Adam Kane in the year 2005 whom also she had an affair but unfortunately this spouse also could not last their relationship for a long range and with the result they had their divorce in the year 2015. She is the mother of the children and her children are under her custody right now. Adam was also professionally a producer, cinematographer as well as director working across the film industry. Currently, she is single and having no boyfriend running any affair with an independent life.

Leslie is with her height 5 feet 7 inches in tall. Her figure is amazing and her body is too sexy to see. Her curves elaborate her beauty and her earning with actual salary achieved viewing her bio from her career is also amazing. According to the sources her current net worth is elaborated around 3 million American dollars in the year 2016.

by Bchrome, 05 Mar, 2016

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