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Emmy Award-Winning actress and screenwriter Lena Waithe first gained attention after her smashing role in the Netflix comedy-series Master of None. For her work in the series, the actress also made history becoming the first African-American woman to win the Primetime Emmy Award. She is also known for her work in Ready Player One

Early Life And Education Of Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe was born on May 17, 1984. Lena is 31 years old in her age and she was born in Chicago, Illinois of United States.

From the age of 7, Lena Waithe made her intention towards the writing and this was the dream of her mother for her to reach success upon the field. Her grandmother was also helping her to reach upon her destiny. She completed her schooling from Columbia College Chicago as well as her graduate degree was obtained from Evanston Township High School.

Lena Waithe's Professional Career 

Waithe started her writing career after Lena Waithe joined the Fox television series. She wrote for the Bones and that was appreciated by her producer of the program and made her formally to start her acting career.

Lena is an American actress. Additionally, her profession is also as a producer as well as the screenwriter who are active from the many years up of her history. Her character in Denise was most appreciated one that came in the year 2015. It was Netflix television series.

The name of the very program is Master of None. Her original profession was not acting at all but her mother was the source of inspiration and motivation for the success of her towards the field. 

Waithe was a cast in a 2018 science fiction movie Ready Player One sharing the credits along with Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, and T.J. Miller.

Lena Waithe's Salary, Net Worth, And Source Of Income 

Lena Waithe has collected a large amount of money from her multiple professions which as per some sources can be a s sumed around $4 million. 

Lena Waithe's Dating And Relationship With Her Partner Alana Mayo

This popular celebrity who won the heart of a high number of people all across the world is rarely popular with her personal life. Waithe interest as her specifically is only writing. Waite is not married yet. Talking about her sexuality, the actress is openly lesbian. Lena is dating her long term partner Alana Mayo for more than three years. Alana is a content executive. The two also engaged on Thanksgiving Day 2017. 

But during her college days there were number of boys approaching for her to become their girlfriends. But according to her, Waithe was never interested in making an affair none having as boyfriends. She always thought of her family at first, therefore; she made her perception to maintain her career in the specific.

Waithe is a dog person who has also a pet. She also travels with her mother all across her relatives and the pilgrimage which her mother prefers to travel along with her grandmother.

Waithe also has provided voluntary and financial support to the trust that is working for the handicapped people. She has also been the part of the various programs conducted by the trust and along with this, she has also participated in the international seminar relating to the specific issues. 

Waithe is popular within her social networking sites. She is popular with her writing in the blogs and along with that, her tweets mentioned within the twitter account is acknowledged by a high number of fans from all across the world. Waithe is looking so attractive with her mentioning and her fan pages and fan clubs are also seen within Facebook account but she has not been seen into Instagram yet. 

Lena Waithe's Height And Age

  • Waithe's age as of 2019 is 34 years old.
  • Height: She has a height of 5' 9" (1.75 m)

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