Laura Wasser is the mother of two Children but she has not been married Yet or Boyfriend?

News by Clarence Published on 26 Apr,2017 Updated on 30 Jul,2017

Based in Los Angeles, Laura Wasser is better known as an attorney specializing in divorce. Laura has a reputation for being tough, that is why celebrity tabloid website, TMZ has called her the LA’s Disco Queen. 

Brady Center Advocate Award winner, Laura Wasser is a divorced woman. She has two kids from previous relationships.

Is Laura Wasser married?

Hollywood divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser is a single mother of two, Luke and Jack. She has two sons to two different fathers who she never married. However, she shares parenting with both. Laura was never married but she was in a living together relationship.

Laura Wasser, Hollywood divorce lawyer


Laura has two sons from two two relationships but did not marry their fathers. Laura gave birth to the son, Luke with a man she met a decade ago. She split up with the father of Luke in the year 2007. Wasser welcomed the second son, Jack with another guy. 

She fought the divorce case with the man whom she had affair for the first of her career in 1993. She met him during her study at Loyola Law School.

Laura has two sons, with different fathers


After the breakup, Wasser started living in the Hollywood hills above the Sunset Strip. In a leisure, she goes outing with her two boys to Point Dume, a state beach located in Malibu, C.A.

Uncovering her affair, relation, boyfriend, dating, and children.

Wasser was married shortly but that doesn’t mean she’s down on marriage as an institution. Laura has not revealed the information about her past affair and who she has dated.

Laura Wasser


The founder of ‘It’s Over Easy’ shares parenting with her two baby daddies who live separately.  She revealed:

“The two baby daddies are my family, and their families are my family. And there’s the family I grew up with. I have a brother, my parents who all live here….. my cup runneth over.”

Divorce within Hollywood is very common as sunshine and paparazzi. Laura is not a person to give relationship advice. She also thinks that the job she is doing makes her less demanding and confrontational in her own relationships. She told to Telegraph in 2013:

“I only know about divorce. I don’t know how to stay married.”

Laura was brought up in attorney family. Occasionally, Laura represents clients those who have less than $10million and charges $850 per hour. Her dad Dennis Wasser has represented Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg in divorce proceedings. Laura has handled many divorce dissolutions. Laura's clients include Maria Shriver, Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Garner, Denise Richard, Nick Lachey, and Stevie Wonder.

The 48-year-old divorce attorney advice for women who are the main earners in their conjugality is to get a prenup.  Laura is now representing Angelina Jolie in her split from Brad Pitt.