Laura Kuenssberg is Not Supporting Theresa May. Theresa Stands Alone

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 02 Jun,2017 Updated on 03 Jun,2017

The tough election campaign of Theresa May does not come well at the end.

The disastrous campaign had no support from any of the representatives.


 She still had a hope with BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg thought recent tweets of Laura has proved that Theresa is standing alone on her path. If one has a look at her twitter account, a disrespect for the prime minister can be easily noticed.



 During the BBC’s election debate on 31 May, Theresa missed it to with Kuenssberg tweeted:





She showed her interest in Corbyn after he agreed to do the debate in the last minute of the show.

Well, this news of Kuenssberg turning Theresa may down and rising and praising opponents may lead a destructive fall of Theresa. Hopefully, the end of May does not lead ‘May’ to end.