Oldest Alive Star Of 'Wizard Of Oz' Jerry Maren Dies At 98

News by Joey Jordan Published on 06 Jun,2018 Updated on 18 Dec,2020

Jerry Marren, The Oldest Alive Actor Of The Wizard Of Oz Died At 98 In Hollywood

  • Actor Jerry Marren died.
  • The Wizard of Oz actor Jerry Marren passed away at 98 in Hollywood last week.
  • The source close to the couple announced his funeral was held over the weekend at Forest Lawn, Hollywood.

The oldest alive star of The Wizard of Oz, Jerry Maren bid farewell to this world. The American actor, who starred opposite Judy Garland in 1939 classic movie died last week at 98.

According to TMZ, Jerry, who had been living at a San Diego nursing care for last few years, died a week ago and his funeral was held over the weekend at Forest Lawn, Hollywood.

CAPTION: Actor Jerry Maren died at 98 SOURCE: TMZ

Despite working in some small roles in his 70-year-long acting career, Jerry is widely known for his role of the 'oldest munchkin' in 1939 fantasy film Wizard of Oz.

Standing at just 129 cms, Jerry was just 18-year-old when he put his step in the Hollywood. Later on, he went on to play several uncredited roles in the Box office hit movies including Bewitched, Ape, and Planet of the Apes.

CAPTION: Jerry Maren died at 98 SOURCE: Screener TV

Jerry was once infamous for the false rumor of his death when he was battling pancreatic cancer. Then, multiple sources reported that the actor died in March 2016, however, Jerry's close friend told TMZ that the reports weren't true.