Lady Gaga's tour aims to stop sexual assault on US campus

News by Clarence Published on 09 May,2016 Updated on 09 May,2016

The recent tour that Lady Gaga and Joe Biden have planned is set to aim for stopping sexual assault on campuses across the United States of America. While the pairing of the Vice President and the pop singer Gaga would be unlikely, they have come together for the It’s On Us tour in an attempt to end sexual violence that poses a threat in campuses across the United States of America.

Lady Gaga will be moving along with Joe Biden for the musical tour and will also be speaking at the colleges and campuses in regards to sexual violence. She will also be opening up about the campaign of the White House entitled It’s On Us, which looks forwards to address the apathy, cultural and gender norms inside and outside the campus and college premises. Mr. Biden took to the Oscar ceremony to introduce Lady Gaga whereby she performed a touching act on which she was surrounded by sexual assault survivors. Gaga herself is a survivor of sexual assault and has openly discusses about her experiences in the matter to her fans. This might be the major reason why she is so touched and is looking forward to be a part of the campaign.

Joe Biden has been on a fight against the prevalence of sexual violence after writing the Violence Against women Act two decades ago. He too seems to be extremely devoted to the affair and the tour has been devoted towards the elimination of sexual violence in study areas like schools, colleges and Universities. Gaga who has been known for her good music and extreme videos has managed to become successful by the huge number of hit songs she has made. She is currently in an affair with Taylor Kinney and they have been on an engaged relationship which is getting along pretty well.