Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama shares tips for inner peace

News by Utshav Dhungana Published on 28 Jun,2016 Updated on 28 Jun,2016

A random gathering if at any point there was one, Lady Gaga, the Dalai Lama, Ann Curry, and a bunch of US leaders assembled in Indianapolis, Indiana, this weekend to talk about internal peace.

In any event, that was the main topic of exchange in a meeting amongst Gaga, the singer with the amazing net worth of 225 million dollars, and the Dalai Lama at the 84th yearly Conference of Mayors on Sunday (June 26). The pop star asked the pioneer from the Tibetan government addresses that had been submitted by means of social media, as Ann Curry apparently (and quietly) directed the conversation.

The two discussed empathy, and the Dalai Lama suggested discovering reason in serving others. “When you show more of a sense of concern for others’ well-being, then you also get the feeling, ‘I’m useful to others.” he said. “That brings self-confidence and meaning to life.”

They likewise talked about how meditation can achieve inward peace by allowing individuals to consider the base of their issues.

When enquired about the idea to maintain hope, the Dalai Lama prescribed finding the upsides in any battle.’’Once (a) tragic situation happens, not avoid look at more deeply, widely,’’he said.’’Many positive, happy things are there if you look (from a) wider perspective.’’


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He likewise underscored that more youthful era will shape the earth and culture for those to come. ‘’The future is on your shoulders, not my shoulders, not my shoulders.’’ He told the singer who is yet to be married.