Kylie Kardashian spent $20,000 for This Unique Decorative Piece by renowned Artist

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 29 May,2017 Updated on 31 May,2017

The member of the Kardashian family best known for her appearance in and reality TV show Keeping up with Kardashian,  Kylie Kardashian is in news these days.

 Earlier she was in news for her sultry Instagram post where she was seen wearing a plush orange and purple jacket.

Source: bustle

She definitely made the temperature go rising with her hot shoot.

Seems like the girls has thought of remaining in the limelight for these days. Recently she glamorously made a couple of changes in her room.

Source: TMZ

If sources are to be believed she spent a whopping $20,000 for Barbie printed theme in her room. It is said that Beau Dunn has printed the theme. Beau was ordered to make the painting a month ago.

Beau Dunn

Source: Zimbio

The Kardashian member Kris Jenner has also asked beau earlier for a decorative piece for her closet with a sign that reads ‘need money for Birkin.’