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KRS-One birth name is Lawrence Parker who was born in the birth date of August 20, 1995. Currently this 60 years old man is also known by his stage name as Teacha. By profession he is a rapper as well as he also works as a producer. His birth place is in Bronx, New York and his genres are mostly Hip-Hop. The active years of One started from the year 1984 and till the present time his working in this music industry is achieving the step of success. The instrument he mostly uses is turntables and vocals and his labels are basically Jive. During the early age of sixteen Parker left his home and he started his career being as an MC. He also started dubbed Hare Krishna spirituality from the very phase.

Parker started his career with the beginning of his collaboration with the group Boogie Down Production. Once, he was also rejected by the DJs Mr. Magic and that made him to get a s sociated with that. He met with Sterling and they planned to start a group of rap together and from where he started his professional beginning of the career. Right after this he also started his solo career in the musical industry. He is also the winner of VH1 Hip Hop honors during the year 2004 as well as Bet Hip Hop Awards 2007 wining from I am Hip Hop. Similarly in the year 2007, he won the Lifetime achievement award and for him that was the best and biggest award of his life.

Parker has explicitly explained about his professional life among the media but he has very closed information about his personal life. There is no any particular data and information regarding his personal issues like his bio of affair, married, spouse and divorce. It is a s sumed that Parker has no any past divorce data and he has not even flashed any of the girls as his spouse. But it has been rumored that he got married with his affair with whom he has his relationship for a very long duration of time. This might be the shocking news to get that he loves sleeping during his free time and he loves watching football as well. Additionally he also loves becoming past of social issues and well as in the social acts and activities. 

Parker is also an activist. He has been noted to be as a politician and he has also started the movement Stop the Violence Movement. This was started by him right after the death of Scott La Rock. Scott himself was a remarkable example of Hip-Hop.

Parker height is 6 feet 4 inches in tall with his attractive looks and his bio of salary collected from his net worth is estimated to be of around 6 million American dollars.

by Bchrome, 16 Feb, 2016

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