Kristin Booth and Tim Ware are married since 2006. Do they have any children, yet?

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Kristin Booth, a versatile Canadian actress. She has worked in some highly acclaimed award-winning movies like 'This Beautiful city', 'Cruel Intentions', 'Young People Fucking' etc. Prior to movies, the actress has also landed many other roles in countless hit TV series. 

Booth is married to Tim Ware since 16th September 2006. The loving couple has already shared a decade long marriage journey but do they have any child.  

Kristin Booth's Marriage to Tim Ware

Born in 1974, now 44-year-old actress, Kristin Booth is undoubtedly one of the most down to earth actresses in the movies.

However, her personal life is unlike everyone else with fame, very low profile and down to earth. She married Tim Ware on 16th of September 2006. 

They have a normal happy marriage life. At least that's what her socials tell us. 

Do Kristin Booth and Tim Ware have kids?

This couple is married for more than 10 years now. And yes! They do have a child together.

They have a lovely daughter who is 4 years old now. Her daughter as much of an animal lover and an artist at heart as her mother. 

What is Kristin Booth up to these days?

She plays the character of Shane in Hallmark original 'Signed, Sealed and Delivered'. The first season has 10 episodes, the show aired from April 20 through June 22 on the Hallmark Channel.


Hallmark has re-branded the show on 'Movies and Mysteries' from February 28, 2017, she is busy promoting it on her socials.

Besides that, she also advocates for animal rights, women rights and strongly shuns any kind of abuse to children. She is quite a nature lover as well. How busier can you get?

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What are some of Kirstin's best-known movies?

Kristin is versatile when it comes to her talents as an actor. She is experienced in theater, Television, and films.

Her movies like Defender and This beautiful City were included in film selections for Toronto Film Festival. She has also starred in other movies like Cruel Intentions 2, Kardia, Young People Fucking, Gossip, etc. 

She is the recipient of Gemini Award, her guest performance for the movie ReGenesis won her the trophy n 2005 Including her role as Shane in 'Signed, Sealed and Delivered' she has appeared in numbers of TV series as well.

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