Know Where Is the Social Media Sensation, Meteorologist, Jim Cantore during Hurricane Irma

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 11 Sep,2017 Updated on 11 Sep,2017

The very famous weather channel meteorologist and reported known for his daring reporting under critical circumstances in the storm and various distasteful events of weather.

He was seen covering the tremendous hurricane Irma in Miami on early Saturday and then headed towards the west to Estero.

He reached Fort Myers by Sunday morning. 




Fans all over the globe are always excited to know the next destination, Cantore might be heading to. He is highly appreciated for his courageous acts during the weather disasters.

Well despite his huge fan following in social Medias. He is honest enough to clear people about his job to inform people about the weather so that they stay safe.

People praise his reporting challenges and his dare to overcome the dangerous situation.

There are people all over the internet asking about Jim Cantore. Some of them recently tweeted to know where Jim is and details about his next move.










Some tweeted, calling him as the last celebrity one would see during extreme weather condition. He is celebrity indeed and loved by many people.