Know the hidden talents hidden within Keke Palmer

News by Clarence Published on 05 May,2016 Updated on 05 May,2016

Keke Palmer is a beauty with a net worth of a whopping 7.5 million dollars. She surely has a lot of talent hidden within her and this has been revealed pretty well in The Hidden Talent Show! of FABLife. She has managed to reveal that she has more talent than she showcases on screen and has surely got a lot more to offer to her fans all across the world.

Born as Lauren Keyana Palmer, better called Keke Palmer is an actress, singer, presenter, television personality and songwriter and was born on the 26th of August, 1993 according to her biography. She is a native of Harvey, Illinois and released her debut album through Atlantic Records and the album was named So Uncool. She has also been recognized as an actress for her roles in Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Akeelah and the Bee, Shrink and many more. At the age of 22, she has managed to attract the attention of a huge number of fans across the world and needless to state, she has a lot of hidden talents which has led her to become hugely popular.

Keke Palmer is known to have had an affair with Quincy Brown as of now. After rumors arose about the dating of the couple, they confirmed their relation out to the general public on 2013. She previously was known to be dating Rodney King from 2010 to 2013. She has however never been married and has no children yet. As of the secret talent that she possesses, it has been known that her secret hidden talent is being able to pick things up from her foot. She revealed that she puts her feet to work to pick things up when she is lazy and this is possible since she has a foot size of 9. Her talent surely is a unique one and we sure wait for her to release more information regarding her personal life in the days to come.