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Kiersten became an internet sensation after her mother attempted to murder the Jeter sisters. Her other details aren't available in the public domain. All the detail popular about her is her incident with her biological mother. 

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Early Life And Educational Background

Jeter was born in 1996 and is currently in her late twenties. However, her exact date of birth is still unknown. Kiersten is the daughter of Debra Janelle Jeter and Lester Lee Jeter. She is an American citizen and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Jeter's sibling was  Kelsey Jeter who was murdered by her biological mother. 

A picture containing Kiersten Jeter with her father Lester Lee Jeter and her sister Kelsey Jeter. A picture containing Kiersten Jeter with her father Lester Lee Jeter and her sister Kelsey Jeter.
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Kiersten has opted to maintain confidentiality regarding her present whereabouts and personal details, with minimal accessible information about her upbringing, marriage educational background, or ongoing pursuits. 

Jeter's Parent's Relations

Details about the onset of Debra and Lester's (also known as Lee) romantic relationship are not available. Nevertheless, their love story took a distressing turn, as Lee initiated separation proceedings in May 2009. A neighbor residing near the Jeters disclosed that the couple's home was frequently noisy, prompting them to involve the police on several occasions.

The reasons behind Lee's decision to file for separation remain unclear. However, the news deeply affected Debra, leading her to attempt suicide on May 31, 2009, in the presence of her two children. This distressing incident compelled Lee to seek a restraining order against Debra, expressing concerns for the safety of their children.

Despite this, the court granted Debra unsupervised visitation less than three weeks after the restraining order expired. Unfortunately, this decision would ultimately expose the two vulnerable young girls to potential danger.

Mental Instability And Problems Faced By Kierstin's Mother

The widely circulated incident involving Kirsten Jeter's mother, Debra, took place on June 5th, 2009. Debra physically assaulted her two daughters, leading to the tragic death of one of them. At the time, Kirsten was 13 years old, and her sister was 12.

The series of events began in 2004 when Debra faced charges of abusing Kirsten, but the charges were dropped after she entered a mental health facility. Unfortunately, during her treatment, her husband initiated divorce proceedings. The divorce was finalized in May 2009, significantly impacting Debra. In response, she made a suicide attempt in front of her daughters, attributing the decline in her mental health to the divorce.

Following Debra's admission to a mental health facility, her ex-husband secured a restraining order and temporary custody of the children to safeguard them from their mother. However, the restraining order was lifted shortly after her release from the mental hospital.

Accident Caused By Mental Instability Of Jeter's Mother

Lester Lee Jeter, the ex-husband, drove the children to meet their mother, with the daughters eagerly anticipating the reunion. Debra, pretending to have a surprise outing planned, took them to an abandoned residence near Interstate 77 in Milford.  Tragically, she initiated a brutal attack on her older daughter with a knife.

In the struggle, Kiersten urged her sister to escape to safety, but Debra shifted her focus to Kesley, stabbing her in the back and slitting her throat. Returning to Kiersten, who was still fighting for her life, Debra proceeded to sever her airway and one of her major arteries.

Despite sustaining severe injuries, Kiersten remained conscious. Approximately three hours later, Debra contacted the police and admitted to the horrifying crime, stating, "I just committed the act of killing my children." 

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After The Tragic Incident

After being arrested, Debra faced charges of capital murder and attempted capital murder. She pled guilty and was handed a life sentence in prison with no possibility of parole. Currently incarcerated in Gatesville, Texas, Debra accepted responsibility for her actions.

Before her imprisonment, Debra had a meeting with Kiersten and Lester, during which she sincerely apologized for her conduct. In an extraordinary demonstration of forgiveness, Kiersten and Lester accepted her apology.

Kiersten underwent physical recovery from her injuries and was reunited with her father. Alongside this, she received psychological counseling and unwavering support from her loved ones. Despite the tragedy, Kiersten exhibited remarkable strength and resilience, stating, "I won't give up. I'll persevere, no matter the challenges."

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