Kendall Jenner Tweets about Her Pregnancy

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 01 Jan,2018 Updated on 01 Jan,2018

These days pregnancy news of Kendall Jenner is doing rounds all over the internet.
Believe it or not but according to Kendall Jenner, the story is fallacious.

The 22-year-old model, Kardashian family belonging, responded to her pregnancy news terminating it to be untrue in the funniest way possible.

Source: Metro

Retweeting an article posted about her pregnancy, Kendall Jenner, cleared rumors of her pregnancy, she retweeted:
 I just like bagels ok!!!

Source: Twitter

Earlier on Friday, December 29, Kendall posted a selfie in a bathroom. She was wearing polka dotted dress showing her swollen belly which made her fans think about whether she is pregnant?

Taking it to Twitter, her fans made several assumptions regarding her swollen belly. Some even tweeted “Kendall you look pregnant,” and asked if it was her baby bump.

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Soon after her fans knew the actual reason behind swollen belly, they came to defend the keeping up with the Kardashian star.
One wrote, “What gives people the right to judge her body shape/size? I’m sure if she wasn’t a Jenner/Kardashian then this would be called body shaming? Not ok people.”
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