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Katelyn Faber is an American actress who is known for appearing in a popular show, American Idol. But she got more into the limelight when the sexual a s sault incident happened. She is the alleged rape victim of late American basketball player Kobe Bryant. During that time, Faber was just 19 years old. 

Age and Early Life Of Katelyn Faber

Faber was born as Katelyn Katie Faber was born on June 18, 1985, in Gypsum, Colorado, the US making her age 36 years as of early 2022. Her parents, Paul Louis Faber (father) and Kristine Anne Faber (mother), raised her. Furthermore, Faber holds an American nationality.

Regarding her education, Faber attended Eagle Valley Senior High School. After completing her schooling, she then enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado for her undergraduate studies. 

American Idol: Short Details On Her Career

As mentioned earlier, Faber got into the spotlight after participating in American Idol. Faber was interested in pursuing a career in music. So, she went for the audition of American Idol but couldn't make it in another round.

Apart from that, Faber also served as a hotel clerk at a hotel in Colorado called The Lodge and Spa in early 2000, reported by CelebSuburb. Her job was going well until the sexual hara s sment case arose in the same hotel. When the incident happened, none of us were aware of Faber's profession.

Insights On Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant's Rape Case

On July 1, 2003, Faber accused late Kobe of sexual a s sault. She admitted that Bryant hara s sed her in Colorado Hotel. During that time, Katelyn was just 19 years old, and she first met Kobe in the same hotel where Faber worked as a clerk.

CAPTION: Katelyn accused Late Kobe of sexual a s sault SOURCE: Instagram @kobegram

After Faber made an accusation, Kobe was taken in, he admitted that they had sexual intercourse, but the late NBA star denied that he raped her or forced her into it. Upon further investigation, Faber was found to have blood in her clothes and bruises on her neck, a clear sign that she was forced into the act. 

But in September 2004, the case was settled when Faber failed to testify in the court against Kobe and later issued a public apology. However, things did not end there; Katelyn went ahead and filed a civil lawsuit against Kobe.

This led to weeks of mediation by their lawyers, who ultimately reached an out-of-court settlement, but reports about their agreement were not made public. 

Where Is Katelyn Faber In 2022?

Ever since the settlement of the legal case, Faber has lived a low-profile life and has not come up in the media openly. Also, she is not available on any of the social platforms making it more challenging to know about her current lifestyle.

But Briefly reports, Faber has a boyfriend named Cort Colon. The same report also claimed she and her boyfriend have a son, but they have not offered his identity to the media. So, we can say that the family is having a good moment privately.

Faber's Net Worth Explored

The American Idol participant Faber might have added a considerable amount to her name. According to Briefly, her net worth is around $1 million. Besides, she also had an interest in acting, and if she worked actively as an actress, then Faber may earn about $91401 a year.

CAPTION: Katelyn Faber now lives a private life SOURCE: Twitter @GlamourBiz

On the other side, Faber auditioned for American Idol. Not to mention, the moderate salary of a singer in America is $30.23 per hour, which may fall between $11.05 an hour & $82.68 an hour. So, if Faber is currently engaged in the music industry, she will surely make in the same range.

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