Kam chancellor gets the contract extended worth $36 million: NFL

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 01 Aug,2017 Updated on 01 Aug,2017

Kam Chancellor visited Seattle Seahawks camp of training very happily.

With no contract extended, he managed to keep the moment healthy and calm.

Source: Kpug1170

Well, there are chances of the extension taking place sooner rather than later.

As reported by Anderson of ESPN via twitter says a lot of things about the contract being negotiated in terms of extension. He tweeted that the Chancellor has agreed to a 3-year extension worth 36- million dollar.

Along with the coach Pete Carroll, chancellor expressed the very positive vibes after the first two days in the camp.



The former expressed that the extension could become hard hitting strong safety to those who have played with multiple injuries. He has featured in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL.  He has a 40 yard dash time record of 4.69 seconds.