Justin Bieber, the 'Baby' singer, takes an embarrassing tumble on soaking wet stage

News by Utshav Dhungana Published on 19 Jun,2016 Updated on 19 Jun,2016

BesidesJustin Bieber, the extremely popular "baby" singer, was having a Bad Day as he tumbled off the phase in Saskatoon - and that was diverting.

We wouldn't ordinarily take delight in anybody's hardship however Justin Bieber tumbling off the stage is diverting.

Being a fit and lively youthful chap it’s certain Justin suffered no more terrible than a wound on the bum and a broken self-image when he took the plunge

 People have started saying that they simply can't quit viewing the minute Biebs take the plunge. It's all in the way he swaggers towards the edge of the stage just to go head over heels.

Local fans ran to see the Canadian artist. One lady said to a correspondent "This is our 6th show on this tour. It's better each and every time. I can see him each and every day’

Besides all the news and rumors, you can also find more about him on the internet; be it his net worth, affairs, relationship, and so on.