Just Friends on Big Brother Season 18 Home, Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo Are Now Dating In Real Life, Details About Their Affair!

News by Saburo Published on 15 Sep,2017 Updated on 15 Sep,2017

Nicole Franzel, the winner of Big Brother Season 18, seems to have ended her showmance with Corey Brooks.  #Nicorey is over folks! Right after the season ended, Nicole has started dating Victor Arroyo, her real love?

Victor Arroyo, a Gym manager, and Nicole the winner of Big Brother 18 were just friend when they were in the house. They supported each other at all costs in the Big Brother house, and now it seems, the friendship has evolved to something of a special bond.

When  Did Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo Start Dating?

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo considered themselves just friends while they were together in the Big Brother house. There was no showmance between them; it seemed that the couple was happy in being good friends. Well, who knew there was a different fire burning without anyone's notice?


BIG BROTHER THURSDAY?? I’ll be live chatting tonight’s episode with my girl Nicole.

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It was not Big Brother 18 that brought the couple together, those who ship Victor and Nicole should thank Big Brother season 19 as the pair clicked at its premiere! We're not saying it, Victor confirms it himself!

In Victor Arroyo's words

Everything came together for the premiere of Big Brother 19, where we were in New York and we just clicked. From then on, it was, I guess it was a love story, and now she's my girlfriend.

Isn't that so very romantic? Well, they are ''girlfriend-boyfriend'' now! Frankly, Victor and Nicole are so adorable together, better than Nicole and Corey, don't you think?

Here's Victor Arroyo confessing his love for Nicole Franzel:

Victor also talks about his first time experiencing fame and having fans. He admits to he went a little crazy, but then he slowly toned down, calmed down. Victor also revealed that regardless of those flaws Nicole accepted him and that he is a loyal guy now.

As per the couple, it’s been almost three months since they started dating. And if things go as planned, Victor will soon be moving to Michigan, close to Nicoleas he currently lives in New Orleans


He wanted to switch shirts, or maybe I was cold #HeLooksGoodInAFlannel #TiptoeKiss

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Victor and Nicole have given fans so many cute moments to obsess over-  like the time when Victor swoops in and gives Nicole a quick kiss on her cheeks while she is trying to give updates about her life for the CBS Twitter Account

Victor and Nicole look like they were meant to be together. So, how come they didn't get together on Big Brother? Did Victor like Nicole as more than a friend on the show but backed off because of her showmance with Corey Brooks. What do you think?

Did Victor Arroyo Crush on Nicole Franzel On Big Brother House?

 Victor may or may not admit it, but their co-stars in the house agree that there was some chemistry between him and Nicole. Listen to what James Huling had to say: 

In James Huling words

When they were in the house in season 18, they had a very good relationship, I felt like he always had a little crush on her…..I’m really happy that they’re together, cause they really did stick side-by-side in the house all throughout the game … I told Victor and Nicole Y’all are, like, the cutest couple ever.

Well, what Victor himself could not see or maybe he knew all long but managed to hide could not stay hidden from other house mates! Love is transparent, right? Well, probably, yes! The good news is that Victor and Nicole are now together and happier than ever!

Quick Facts

  • Nicole Franzel was born as Nicole Ann Franzel
  • Nicole Franzel was born on born June 30, 1992
  • She was born in Ubly, Michigan
  • Besides being a television personality, she  is also an ER nurse
  • Nicole Franzel  also appeared on Big Brother 16 in 2014
  •  Franzel had a  relationship with fellow house guest Hayden Voss but broke up after a year!