Judd Apatow Standing Behind Artie Lange

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 19 Mar,2017 Updated on 20 Aug,2017

Artie Lange, an American comedian, best known for his comedy series Mad TV is in news these days for his arrest for drug possession. He was arrested outside his New Jersey home. Police spokesman Sgt. Edgardo Cruz stated that the 49 years old comedian had a history with drugs and this time he was encountered with cocaine and heroin in the parking garden.

Artie, two days after his arrest tweeted Judd Apatow who is producing new HBO comedy series entitled crashing where Lange has an important character.

He tweeted:

Later Judd Apatow tweeted in support of Lange and said, “He would never give up on Artie”

Artie also came onto tweet his fans that he was doing great and despite all these, he would be appearing in funny bones at St. Louis on Saturday and Friday nights.