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Jovan Arriaga has gained recognition as the sole offspring of Suzette Quintanilla, a prominent pop singer and drummer, along with her spouse, Bill Arriaga. Notably, he is also celebrated for his remarkable likeness to his late aunt, the iconic and legendary American-Mexican singer, Selena Quintanilla.

In November 2017, a young boy made an appearance in a magazine from El Salvador. As per reports, Jovan is currently working as a civil engineer specializing in hydraulic systems. To know more about Jovan's early life, relationships, career, net worth, social media presence, etc, continue reading the article below.

Early Years

In the years of his life Jovan Arriaga, a 25-year-old individual known for being the child of a celebrity was born on March 5 1998 in an undisclosed location, in the United States. His parents are Suzette Quintanilla and Bill Arriaga.

Jovan Arriaga with his parents. Jovan Arriaga, a 25-year-old individual, is known for being the child of a celebrity.
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Jovan is their child. Comes from a mixed Mexican American background. He holds nationality. During his childhood, Jovan demonstrated skills both academically and athletically in baseball.

Although information about his school is not available Jovan actively participated in his school's baseball team for four years. This showcased his passion and talent for the sport. After graduating with honors in May 2017 he decided to continue his education at Texas A&M University with a major, in Hydraulic Engineering.


Jovan Arriaga is currently, in a relationship with Mallory Smith, a second-grade teacher from Corpus Christi, Texas. According to reports, their relationship started in 2019. Mallory, who teaches at the School of Science and Technology in Corpus Christi confirmed their connection by sharing pictures on her Instagram account.

In a post, Mallory uploaded a photo of herself Jovan, and his baseball glove with a caption that humorously said, "I was quite lucky to catch him." This social media post solidified their status as a couple. Although their Instagram page is now private they often share glimpses of their life on the platform.

Jovan and Mallory have gained admiration from followers for their relationship, at events and occasions. The moments they choose to share reflect the joy and love they experience as a couple.

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After graduating from Texas A&M University Jovan currently works as an engineer. Meanwhile Suzette Quintanilla, his mother initially started her journey, as a drummer for Selena y Los Dinos. In 1998 she founded the Selena Foundation, a profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to students and schools.

Jovan Arriaga with his parents. Jovan Arriaga currently works as an engineer.
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Apart from her endeavors, Suzette has also found success as an entrepreneur. Following the loss of her sister she now. Operates Q Productions—a record label and production company that oversees Selena's music catalog and produces various tracks.

In addition to her business ventures, Suzette has ventured into television production. Serves as a producer for the series "All My Children" and "Queen of the South." She has also played a role as a consultant in projects related to Selena's life and legacy including the 1997 biopic "Selena" and the 2020 Netflix series "Selena; The Series."

Given this involvement in fields, it is likely that Jovan assists his mother in managing her professional responsibilities alongside pursuing his career, in hydraulic engineering.

Net Worth

As of 2024, it is believed that Jovan Arriaga, the engineer has a worth of, around 1.5 million dollars according to various sources. However, it's important to note that these figures have not been verified by sources since Jovan has chosen not to disclose his earnings.

On the other hand, Jovan's mother, Suzette Quintanilla is a respected and successful figure in the music industry. It is rumored that she possesses a worth estimated at 10 million dollars.

Suzette's fame stems from her time as a drummer for Selena y Los Dinos and her various business ventures such as owning Q Productions. Her diverse career includes television production and consulting, on projects related to preserving Selena's legacy, all of which have greatly contributed to her prosperity.

Social Media Presence

Jovan Arriaga prefers to keep a presence, in the media. He has an Instagram account with a following of 17.1K users. On this platform, Jovan occasionally shares moments from his life including encounters with individuals like former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Additionally, he also shares snapshots featuring his loved ones and girlfriend.

Bill Arriaga Jovan Arriaga prefers to keep a presence, in the media. 
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These thoughtfully curated posts provide a peek, into Jovan's life allowing his followers to catch glimpses of the meaningful connections and experiences that hold significance for him.

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by Joseph, 29 Jan, 2024

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