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Bill Arriaga became widely known when he married Suzette Quintanilla, a known musician and cheerleader. Suzette, who was both a drummer and percussionist also lent her voice to the band 'Selena y Los Dinos (Selena and the Guys).

Being married, to Suzette jabs Bill Arriaga into the limelight connecting him to the legacy and cultural influence of the Quintanilla family. If you want to learn more about Bill's life, his marriage, Suzette, their children, his interests, career path, net worth, social media presence, and more please continue reading this article.

Arriaga's Early Years

In the years of his life Bill, a man, in his sixties was born in the United States during the 1960s. Being a Scorpio, he belongs to that zodiac sign. Bill is an American with white ethnicity; however specific personal and family details about him are undisclosed. Unfortunately, information regarding his education at school or university is not available.

Bill ArriagaBill Arriaga's educational details remain a mystery to the general public.
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Despite the lack of information about his parents and siblings Bill's life journey has undoubtedly been filled with intriguing experiences. The mid-20th century was an era of transformation in history and being born during that time likely influenced Bill's perspectives and shaped his life experiences. The story of his life remains untold leaving room for curiosity and speculation, about the events and influences that have contributed to shaping him as an individual.

Businessman's Married Life

Bill entered Suzette's life when she, accompanied by her friend Rod, passed by his residence. This revelation unfolded in an episode of "Selena: The Series." Introduced by Rod, who was acquainted with Bill, Suzette, and Bill initiated their friendship from that initial encounter.

Their bond flourished, marked by Bill's frequent travels to witness Suzette's performances. Expressing admiration, he routinely left bouquets for her. Their friendship evolved into a two-year courtship, culminating in marriage in 1993, with Yolanda Saldivar serving as Suzette's bridesmaid.

Since their union, the couple has maintained a low profile, keeping their blissful, controversy-free marriage shielded from the media. This assumed tranquility in their personal lives is speculated to contribute to their thriving careers.

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Arriaga's Children

Jovan Arriaga, a known celebrity offspring was born on March 5, 1998. He is the child of his parents, Bill and Suzette. Has a notable educational background as he graduated from the prestigious Texas A&M University. Jovan has successfully established himself as an engineer showcasing his academic skills.

Bill Arriaga with his wife and his brother in law.Jovan Arriaga is the child of Bill Arriaga and Suzette Arriaga.
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Despite achieving success, in his career, Jovan remains committed to his family business. Actively participates in its management. This shows his approach to life, where he prioritizes both his endeavors and familial responsibilities. His dedication reflects the values instilled in him through his upbringing and education, at Texas A&M University.

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Celebrity Husband's Career

Arriaga's professional journey has remained relatively unknown, to the public while his wife Suzette has achieved success in her career as both a musician and cheerleader. Currently serving as the drummer for the band Selena y Los Dinos Suzette gained prominence after her sister, the Latin superstar Selena Quintanilla tragically passed away. She played drums in the band alongside Selena.

Back in 1995, the band released more than six albums. Suzette and Selena formed their group, Selena y Los Dinos, when they were 9 years old. They initially performed at parties and family gatherings before breaking into the music scene and even opening a family restaurant.

Aside from her pursuits, Suzette has actively engaged in endeavors to honor her sister's memory. Notably, she made a transition from her music career. Now holds a position at Selenas Museum, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Additionally, she oversees the family music production company called Q Productions.

Arriaga's Physical Appearance

Bill has an imposing presence standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing around 68 kilograms. His attractive appearance is characterized by a head of brown hair that enhances his unique personality accompanied by captivating black eyes.

Bill Arriaga with his wife and son. Bill Arriaga's attractive appearance enhances his unique personality.
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This blend of height, weight, and features combines to create Bill's aura adding to the quality that surrounds this private individual. He maintains a profile keeping his details and appearance relatively low-key.

Celebrity Husband's Net Worth

Bill had an appearance, as an extra in the episode called "Gold Rush" of 'Selena; The Series.' Though he keeps a profile in his life as of January 2024 Bill's net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Even though there isn't information about his career available publicly his cameo in the popular series and his financial status create an air of curiosity, about the origins of his wealth leaving fans and the public wondering.

Social Media Presence

Bill maintains a subtle online presence, with an Instagram account registered under the username @arriagabill, where he has garnered approximately 1.6K followers. However, it's notable that Bill doesn't appear to engage actively on Twitter and Facebook, suggesting a preference for a more private online profile. 

This limited online visibility aligns with his generally reserved public persona, emphasizing his choice to keep personal details and interactions within a select platform, primarily on Instagram.

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by Joseph, 29 Jan, 2024

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