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Joseph Gordon Levitt was born with his actual name as Joseph Leonard Gordon Levitt who is running 35 years old and he was born in February 17, 1981. Joseph birth place is located within Los Angeles, California of United States and by profession from the year 1988 he is an actor, filmmaker, producer as well as company owner as his belonging. He was a child actor within A River Runs Through it from where he started his official career within the industry across. Joseph early childhood was spent within Sherman Oaks and he was raised within Jewish family. Joseph was not from pure religious background and his father was working as a news director within Pacifica Radio Station. Joseph mother was within United States Congress and working for Peace and freedom Party from the year 1970 in an active way.

Joseph got graduated in the year 1999 from Van Nuys High School and he was very brilliant student in his study. As soon as he completed his education he started working within Musical Group Theater in the very time. He also worked and became a part of The Wizard of Oz. later on, he also appeared within television commercials and some of those were Cocoa Puffs, pop Tarts as well as Sunny Jim where he made his adorable and amazing presence. 

Looking towards the personal bio of Joseph it can be seen that he is a married man and he got married with his long term girlfriend whose name is Tasha McCauley. Since, this couple got married in the year 2014 till the present time they are having an amazing time being as a spouse. Joseph states there is no any rumors of being separated from the spouse and neither he has been into extra- married affairs. Joseph stated he had one girlfriend whom he was having an amazing dating moment in the early time but as soon as he got married he never been into any extra affair except with his spouse. Joseph in addition to this looking his bio can be seen that he is totally busy with his career and sharpening it. Joseph is very responsible towards his parents and children.

Joseph is working for the heart patient and he is providing monetary and financial support for the needy one. He has also been a part of national and international programs and conferences in the meantime. Joseph is an independent personality indeed.

Joseph height is 5 feet 9 inches in tall and he is also called out with his nick name as Joe Joey, JGl and regular Joe. His bio also claims his salary and net worth is absolute sum of amount and in the present phase of time he is capable enough in earning as net worth of around 35 million American dollars as net worth of amount.

by Bchrome, 15 Mar, 2016

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