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John Byrum is an American film director as well as a writer, known for The Razor's Edge, Heart Beat, Duets, and Inserts.

Byrum got his first chance to direct with the poorly-received "Inserts" (1975), which featured Richard Dreyfuss as a once-famous Hollywood director now reduced to shooting X-rated films. He was previously married to Linda Fiorentino.

Early life and education

John Byrum was born on March 14, 1947, in Winnetka, Illinois, United States. He belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Byrum attended the New Trier High School, and later studied at New York University in the late 1960s. He also joined NYU Film School. During the time he worked as an intern for Jim Henson and the Muppets, eventually working as a writer on the new Sesame Street (1969) show.

Layer, Byrum moved to Los Angeles to pursue film work after writing several screenplays, including Inserts (1975).


A prolific writer, Byrum's scripts soon attracted Hollywood's attention, and early mentors included Mike Medavoy, Jim Henson, and Tony Bill. Having written several produced films, he directed his first feature film, "Inserts" starring Jessica Harper and Richard Dreyfuss.

Byrum then wrote and directed various television series including Heart Beat starring John Heard as Neal Ca s sady, Nick Nolte as Jack Kerouac, and Sissy Spacek as Carolyn Ca s sady which was based on her memoir of the related name.

Soon Byrum became known for his projects about Americans who are alienated by society's expectations and the status quo, with a particular emphasis on American Post-WWII culture.

Although some critics honored the creative interpretation of Maugham's cla s sic, audiences rejected Bill Murray's first effort as a dramatic leading man.

Byrum found a new mentor, Brandon Tartikoff, who recruited the create, write and produce various television series that depicted the world of the aging Baby Boomers with the series Middle Ages and Murder In High Places, among others.

Byrum's script Duets starring Paul Giamatti and Gwyneth Paltrow focused on modern society's fascination with fame and stardom as a means of avoiding commitment and introspection.

Although the final released film had much of its bite taken out to pacify those at the studio who hoped to make it more mainstream in nature to capitalize on Paltrow's recent Academy Award win.

Personal life

John Byrum married twice in his life. He first married American actress Linda Fiorentino in 1992, and after being for one year together, they divorced in 1993.

Byrum then married Karin Reznick in 1997 and blessed with two children. They currently reside in Santa Monica, California.

Previously, Byrum also dated American actress, Jessica Harper and British actress Fiona Lewis simultaneously.

Net worth

John Byrum might have earned an enormous amount of money from his successful career as director and writer. However, his current net worth has not disclosed yet. 

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