Joanne Tucker And Husband Adam Driver Happily Married, Do They Have Any Children?

News by Saburo Published on 01 Dec,2017 Updated on 01 Dec,2017

The star of the upcoming movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018), Adam Driver though involved with so any female, has found the love of his life Joanne Tucker and married since 2013

The Teen Choice Award winner (2016), Adam Driver is known persistence towards acting, but what about his personal life? How is the married life of Adam Driver with his then girlfriend now wife? What do you think?

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker Happily Married?

Well, some celebrities love to keep their personal life "Private" and Adam Driver is undoubtedly one of them.

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker got married in 2013, and so far we can only assume that they are happily living together as they both like to keep their lives under the radar.

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker on the Cannes back in 2016

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker on the Cannes back in 2016

Moreover, Adam and his Zero Days (2016) actress wife, resides in Brooklyn as claimed by some of the sources.

Apparently, Adam and Joanne have known each other since they joined acting classes in Juilliard. So did their relationship blossom since then? Well, let's find out how Adam and Joanne fell in love. Shall we?

How did Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker fell in love? 

Driver at first joined the Marine Corps, to become a military man, that’s what destiny wanted him to be as Adam admitted that it was the Marine which pushed him to become an actor but who knew he would find the girl of his dream after leaving Marine.

He left the Marine after he had a severe accident. He then auditioned for Julliard School, fortunately, got accepted. Well, it was at Julliard where Adam met his future wife who was also studying acting there.

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker at 67th Emmy Awards

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker at 67th Emmy Awards 

While at Julliard, Driver still felt connected to his military roots, so as his way of showing appreciation, he along with Tucker, founded Arts in the Armed Forces in 2006, an organization that brings theatre to the armed forces. Power couple, you see!

Also, one of the sources stated, they have been together for a long time and are very comfortable with each other.

In the words of the source,

They are very sweet together. They've been dating forever, years, and live together, very comfortable and in love. She was with him before the Girls fame.

Also, the source added

They both love theatre and the arts. She respects him so much…Everyone on the show is very happy for them.

Adam doesn't talk much about his wife. However, when he does, he makes sure to crack up the audience. In one of his interviews, Adam said that she introduced him to Gouda cheese. 

Adam Driver with his wife Joanne Tucker at the premiere While We're Young

Adam Driver with his wife Joanne Tucker at the premiere While We're Young

Well yes,  in the words of Adam Driver

She taught me what Gouda cheese is... and that you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full and spit on the sidewalk. I told her about Rolling Stone and how it could be interesting and entertaining.

Even after being married for 4 years, they don't share any children. Well, we just wish their relationship goes the distance, and soon wish to hear the news of their newborn.

Quick Facts:

  • Adam Driver was born Adam Douglas Driver.
  • He was born November 19, 1983 (age 34).
  • He was born in Fontana, California, U.S.
  • Born to Nancy and Joe Douglas Driver.
  • Attended Mishawaka High School.
  • Made feature film debut in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar (2011).
  • He appeared in short films like Not Waving But Drowning and the film Gayby. 
  • He has a net worth of $2 million.