Jimmy Breslin, The Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist Died at 88

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 20 Mar,2017 Updated on 22 Aug,2017

 Jimmy Breslin, the New York Daily columnist and author of some bestselling novels “The Church That Forgot Christ” and “The Good Rat” also known as Pulitzer Prize winner took his last breath on Sunday at the age of 88 in his residence in Manhattan.

His wife, Ronnie Eldridge, also a Democratic politician in Manhattan confirmed the death news. Jimmy who was one of those first journalists who introduced a distinct rhythmic news writing techniques.


His way of digging at politicians was way funnier and sensitive at the same time. One of his column where he described Clifton Pollard as the man who dug the grave of President John f. Kennedy was historical and still a celebrated column from 1963.


His Pulitzer Prize-winning column where to humanize the aids epidemic, he focused on a single man, David Camacho. The content had a great influence on readers as aids were widely misunderstood at that time.