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Meet Jim Halcro, the charismatic former firefighter turned real estate agent from Vancouver, Canada. Widely recognized as the doting father of Insta-famous celebrity Natalie Halcro, Jim's journey from a retired fire captain to a prominent figure in the real estate industry is a captivating aspect of the TV series, Relatively Nat and Liv.

Known for his unwavering support for his children and being a cherished uncle, Jim's endearing presence adds a delightful touch to the show. It showcases the essence of familial bonds and success beyond traditional paths.

Who Is Jim Halcro's Wife?

Celebrating over four decades of marital bliss, Jim Halcro and his beloved wife, Rhonda Halcro, have built a life filled with love in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The sparks of their enduring romance were ignited by Rhonda's sister, Julia Pierson, who played matchmaker, resulting in a love story that has stood the test of time.

Natalie Halcro's parents Jim Halcro and Rhonda Halcro posing for a photoshoot. SOURCE: Instagram @jimhalcro

Jim and Rhonda are proud parents to three children—Natalie Halcro, Joel Halcro, and Stephanie Halcro. Despite the demands of parenting and the passage of time, Rhonda exudes a timeless radiance that defies her role as a mother of three and Jim's cherished life partner.

How Rich Is Jim Halcro?

From humble beginnings, Jim Halcro, the celebrity father, has forged a remarkable path. Transitioning from a distinguished firefighting career, he now stands out as a prominent realtor and mortgage specialist. Jim's financial success is underscored by an estimated net worth exceeding $800 thousand, equivalent to the annual salary of Greg Gutfeld.

Jim's substantial pension from his firefighting days and the backing of a well-established family with real estate holdings contribute to his financial stability. Adding to his achievements, he has recently joined forces with a Vancouver-based real estate company in British Columbia.

Educational Qualification 

Jim embarked on his educational journey at Douglas College in 1977, pursuing a two-year course in Fire Sciences. Following in the footsteps of Stan Cadwallader, he commenced his career as a firefighter in the Burnaby Fire Department.

Post his dedicated service, Jim took a transformative step by enrolling at the UBC Sauder School of Business. In 2011, he expanded his expertise, delving into Real Estate Trading Services and solidifying his role as a Mortgage Consultant.

Jim's commitment to continuous learning reflects his dynamic career evolution beyond the realms of firefighting.

Career As A Real Estate Agent

Jim Halcro, a retired Canadian firefighter, transitioned from a three-decade career in the Burnaby Fire Department, where he earned the 'Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal' in 2000. Known as James Halcro officially but fondly called Jim by colleagues, he began duty in 1979, rising to the rank of fire captain by 2003.

Natalie Halcro's father Jim Halcro got injured during his work.  SOURCE: Burnaby

Post-retirement in June 2009, Jim ventured into real estate, currently serving as a realtor at eXp Realty in Vancouver. His expertise spans real estate consultation, foreclosure, and mortgage specialization, showcasing a versatile professional journey.

What Is Jim Halcro Doing Today?

Post his firefighting career, Jim Halcro seamlessly transitioned into a successful real estate profession as a realtor. Despite his daughter's move to the U.S., he chose to remain rooted in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Following retirement, Jim showcased his expertise as a mortgage specialist and real estate professional, affiliating with prominent companies such as Dominion Lending Centre-The Professionals & Team 3000 Realty. Currently, he continues to thrive in the real estate domain, bringing his wealth of experience to eXp Realty, where he actively contributes to the vibrant real estate landscape.

Jim Halcro's Daughter Natalie Halcro Is An Actor

Natalie Halcro, one of Jim and Rhonda's three children, rose to fame as an Insta-celebrity before making a mark in reality TV. Her television journey began with WAGS LA, where she featured as the then-girlfriend of American Footballer Shaun Phillips, although they later parted ways in 2017.

Natalie expanded her presence with appearances on 4 the Love Sessions before venturing into her reality show, Relatively Nat & Liv. Through her endeavors, Natalie sheds light on her Canadian roots, bringing her family into the limelight. The warm portrayal of her siblings, parents, and cousins adds to the family's captivating narrative.

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Social Media Presence: Instagram and Twitter

Jim, the retired firefighter, can be found on both Instagram and Twitter under the username @jimhalcro, boasting over 3.2k followers on the former. While he maintains a presence on Twitter with the same handle, his follower count is comparatively lower than on Instagram.

Despite being on social media, Jim's activity is not as pronounced. Interestingly, it appears that his Instagram presence may have been influenced by his children, suggesting a more personal touch.

Conversely, Jim's engagement on Twitter seems geared towards business, possibly reflecting a strategic use of the platform for professional endeavors.


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by Jonathan, 07 Feb, 2024

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