Jeremy McConell Flees Back to Ireland After Abusive Girlfriend Injures Him

News by Riya Published on 04 Jul,2017 Updated on 17 Aug,2017

Jeremy McConnel has flown back to Ireland following the fight with Stephanie Davis at London hotel on Sunday night; leaving behind his girlfriend who was rushed to the Hospital. Davis fell ill while North London Police was interrogating her for physically abusing McConnel.

The reality television star Jeremy McConnel returned to Ireland to get away from the fight that happened between him and his partner Stephanie Davis on Sunday night.

The former Mr. Dublin was spotted in Dublin Airport on Monday afternoon in a severely bloodshot eye which he was trying to hide from the camera.

Jeremy McConnel spotted with cuts and bruise on face at Dublin airport

Jeremy McConnel spotted with cuts and bruise on face at Dublin airport


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An insider told the Sun,

He was trying to keep his face covered and he seemed really upset. People were staring because he looked like a mess with his bruised face.

His long-time partner Stephanie Davis was rushed to the hospital on Monday, 3rd of July. McConnel went back to Ireland instead of visiting her at the hospital. If Davis has really injured McConnel, what he has done makes perfect sense!

Prior, the North London police took Stephanie into custody following the incident at the London hotel on Sunday night where McConnel got injured.

Actress Stephanie Davis who is under custody of police

Actress Stephanie Davis who is in custody of police


They interrogated Stephanie as a suspect of harming Jeremy physically, during the interrogation she fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, however, her health condition is not believed to be serious.