Jennifer Giroud And Her Footballer Husband Olivier Giroud's Married Life And Complications

Jennifer Giroud is a name of a beautiful and young woman who is married to the famous French footballer Olivier Giroud, who is a striker for the French national team and plays for English premier league club Arsenal. Giroud is a good friend of former Arsenal midfielder Alexis Sanchez.

Olivier Giroud and Jennifer got married in the year 2011 and they have been in a happy relationship since then except few cases. The couple can be seen enjoying their togetherness whenever the French forward gets free from his football matches. But is the couple's married life is as smooth as it seems from the outside? let's dig it out.

Jennifer Giroud And Olivier Giroud's Happy Married Life

Jennifer Giroud and Olivier Giroud's love started as usually happens to all of us. They first met through their mutual friends, they started meeting time and again and they finally were into each other. Starting off the relationship in the late 2000s, the couple spent a few years as girlfriend and boyfriend. They officially tied the knot in 2011 and since then, they are in a committed relationship.

The couple had a small celebration when they came to know about Jennifer being pregnant. Jennifer has been a mom to an adorable daughter named Jade who blessed this couple with more of the happiness coming into this world in June 2013.

The 31-year-old footballer and his wife Jennifer, 34 welcomed their second child, a baby boy, Evan Giroud on March 7, 2016. A day after his son was born, he played a match against Hull City in the English Premier League, where he dedicated his goal to his newborn.

Know About Jennifer Giroud

Looking at the pictures of Jennifer, she is a simple and ordinary girl. She might be in her mid-twenties. She has got good height and has a slim body with a flat stomach. It seems she has maintained her figure and is conscious of her diet intake.

She looks appalling in any of the outfits she wears especially when she shows her slender toned legs. She looks incredible in the bikinis as well. Her pictures can be found on tumbler, and other internet websites. She has her pictures with friends snapped more on Rio’s beach and even with Olivier, she has been to Rio’s beach and they have spent quality time.

Jennifer moved to London, England after getting married to Olivier as he plays for the English club Arsenal. The couple looks very adorable together making the best match.

Olivier Giroud Cheated On His Wife Jennifer

Jennifer was having a good time with her husband, spending happy married life with him but suddenly a tragedy came into her life. She was cheated on by her husband in 2014, just a year after they welcomed their first child. It was an insane move of Olivier of course but one has to go through what has been written in destiny.

Olivier Giroud spent the night with the famous swimsuit and lingerie model Celia Kay, in the four seasons Hotel Canary Wharf on the evening of the match of Arsenal against Crystal Palace.

The incident was revealed when Celia Kay posted a photo of Olivier Giroud wearing his underwear and one of her in her lingerie in the hotel’s bathroom. Initially, Olivier had denied the incident but after the release of his photo, he had to admit it. He then publicly offered his apology to his wife Jennifer and the audience.

Jennifer must have been hurt by Olivier’s behavior cheating on his wife and baby with a one-night stand woman. However, she did not speak anything about it. After her husband admitted that he cheated on her, she shut her Twitter account.

There is no news of their divorce or staying separately but there is information reported by the source that Jennifer Giroud will take Olivier back in her life only if he leaves London, England, and move to Paris. Olivier Giroud had made a terrible mistake which supposedly ruins his happy marital life. However, the condition to save the marriage seems very less so he is going along on Jennifer’s desire.


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