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Born and raised in New York, Jenna Marbles is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. She has over 20 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel JennaMarbles. The channel is also considered as one of the eighth-most-popular channels operated by a woman.  

New York Born Jenna Is a Boston University Graduate 

Jenna Marbles was born on September 15, 1986, in Rochester, New York, the United States. Her nationality is American. She is a Vlogger, comedian as well as an actress. Jenna mother was also a model during her early life and her father was active in their own family business.

Jenna is the eldest child out of her parents and she spent her childhood in wealthy form. Jenna's mother and father got divorced after some years she took birth.

Jenna completed her education in the year 2004 from Brighton High School. Right after the completion of her education, she moved towards Boston for her further education. Similarly, she also became a part of Suffolk University. Within there she grabbed her education with the major subject in Bachelor of Science with the major subject in psychology. Her master's education was also obtained in the major of Education subject that she had from Boston University.

She is A Successful YouTuber With Over 20 Million Subscribers 

After her graduation, Jenna Marbles started her career and her initial career begin from Barstool Sports. Similarly, she also became a part of various ventures as well as she had her investments within various fields.

As of now, Jenns is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. She has over 20 million subscribers on her Channel JennaMarbles, as of 2019.

What is her Net Worth

Jenna Marbles has a net worth of $8 million, in 2019. She has racked up such a good amount of money from her various works especially her YouTube Channel playa a vital role in her net worth. 

Who is Jenna Marbles Dating 

Jenna and her personal life are quite far from the media. The Youtuber is not married yet, but she is dating her longtime boyfriend Julien Solomita, a fellow YouTuber since 2013. 

The major reason behind these things is not because of her low interest but her hidden profile behind the camera. Jenna has not mentioned clearly with whom he had an affair or now engaged mentioning as her boyfriend.

Jenna has been spotted in many of the places with one guy but according to her she stated was that she and the boy are very close and good friends but there are no more any personal things above than this.

Jenna is also a s sumed to not being married as there is no perfect information about it mentioned in her bio and also not featured any of the people as her spouse. She is very quiet in her nature and limited to a few numbers of people. She often spends her time reading books and also lost herself in greenery. Jenna is also planning to change the internal decoration of her house and planning to make some changes in the decoration.

She is an Animal Lover

Jenna has a soft spot for animal especially her attachment with a cat is amazing. She has two cats named Rugs and Yunus. She also has four puppies Marbles, Kermit, Peach, and Bunny. She often makes videos with her dogs. 

Social Media 

Jenna is also seen within the social networking sites with her wonderful posts and she is also followed by many of her fans with her tweets and posts mentioned on Twitter.

She has over 5.5 million followers on her Instagram account, as of 2019. 

by Bchrome, 28 Jan, 2016

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