Jenifer Lawrence is Aziz Ansari's Girlfriend? Aziz Ansari's Interesting Facts and Dating History Here

News by Saburo Published on 26 Jun,2017 Updated on 28 Jan,2019

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? Well, Aziz Ansari who is an American actor, comedian, writer,  producer, and director chose one horse sized duck.

Aziz's professional life is an open book for all his fans but how much you know about his personal life? What is the current relationship status of the author of "Modern Romance"? Here we have some exclusive details.

Parks And Recreation Star, Aziz Ansari Is Single

The mind behind Netflix's award-winning social sitcom series Master of None, Aziz Ansari is reported to be single. However, he was previously in relationships.

Thirty-four years old Ansari was in a serious relationship with his long-time partner, Courtney McBroom. McBroom is a famed pastry chef and also the co-owner of the Large Marge food company. Classic Ansari-chasing after food always!

 Aziz Ansari

According to a source, the former couple first met in LA while she was working at Momofuku Milk Bar. At that time, McBroom had no idea who Ansari was.

They started dating in August 2013. The couple was also reported to be living together in Ansari's home in Los Angeles. They were together for about two years but the couple got apart in 2016 since the Aziz got too busy.

Courtney McB room and  Aziz Ansari

. A source said:

"He was kind of dragging her along and holding her hand while on the phone,"

After their breakup, the couple was spotted together several times which makes his fans wonder if they reconciled. But the couple is actually separated and no more together.

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Aziz Ansari And Jennifer Lawrence Dating for Real?

The best-selling book author Ansari was also rumored to be dating the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Ansari and Lawrence had their first meeting through mutual friend Chris Pratt. The rumors of their dating broke out after they were spotted together in several places together. They were also together in the last Valentine day. 

 Jennifer Lawrence giving Aziz Ansari a Piggyback Ride

 A source told:

"They were showing each other stuff on their iPhones while chatting and laughing,"

The source also told:

"There's a real attraction between Jen and Aziz. There's no way she'd have flown across the country to spend Valentine's with a guy she doesn't have feelings for. He makes her laugh and she adores him."

The rumors of their dating faded away after Lawrence mentioned Ansari as her buddy.  



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"Be honest, be yourself, try to connect with them and hope for the best'' says Aziz Ansari when asked how to make a woman laugh.

Besides, Lawrence was in a romantic relationship with her co-actor Nicholas Hoult in 2010. The two met the first time during the filming X-Men Class. And the two parted ways in 2014. She is currently dating her boyfriend  Crooke Maroney

As of now, Lawrence resides in Beverly Hills, California. She is also a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood. 

Some Interesting about Aziz Ansari

  • His favorite person is his little brother and niece
  • He realized that comedy was the real option for him during his sophomore year at college
  • Be nice with people and work really hard is the lesson his parents taught him
  • He wants to learn how to cook everything
  • His favorite delicious place is Tokyo
  • Ansari says was really nervous while hosting SNL
  • She has strongly opposed Donald Trump's presidency.