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Isabella Justice Hartley is a notable child of celebrity parents, being the daughter of the renowned American actor Justin Hartley and his co-star turned spouse, Lindsay Korman. Justin gained recognition for his portrayal of Fox Crane on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions from 2002 to 2006.

In 2010, he contributed as a co-writer for the episode titled "Sacrifice." For further details on Isabella's early life, career, financial standing, social media activity, and relationship status, read the article below.

How Were Isabella's Early Years?

Isabella Justice Hartley, born on July 3 2004 in the United States is the daughter of Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman Hartley. At 17 years old she has built a following due, to her early talents.

Isabella Justice Hartley with her parentsIsabella Justice Hartley is the daughter of Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman Hartley.
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Being American and of descent Isabella is a Cancer sign with traits. While details about her high school experience are kept private hinting at a desire for privacy.

Isabella's reluctance to share details reflects her parent's fame in the entertainment industry. Despite her youth her increasing popularity suggests a future ahead intriguing her fans about her journey, into adulthood.

Justice's Parent's Relationship

Isabella's father, Justice Hartley began a relationship, with his Passions co-star Lindsay Korman in 2003. They got engaged after six months on November 13, 2003. Later married on May 1 2004 in a ceremony with close friends and family present.

Their second child, Isabella Justice Hartley was born three months after their wedding in 2004. Despite being for eight years Lindsay filed for divorce in the Los Angeles County Superior Court due, to differences. However, they maintain a relationship. Share joint custody of their daughter Isabella.

After parting ways with Korman Justin began dating Chrishell Stause in January 2014. They tied the knot on October 28 2017 following their vows exchange in July 2016. Unfortunately, their marriage encountered challenges that led to them filing for dissolution of marriage in December 2019 and finalizing their divorce in November of the year.

Daddy's Girl And Momma's Daughter

Isabella has always been there, for her dad supporting him at events while keeping a profile. One memorable occasion was when she accompanied him to the season 3 premiere of "This Is Us" in 2018.

Isabella Justice Hartley with her daddyIsabella Justice Hartley accompanied her dad to the season 3 premiere of "This Is Us" in 2018.
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Despite her parents split in 2012 Isabella remains close to both her mom and dad. In a Mother's Day post on Instagram in 2023 she expressed her love and admiration for her mother who has been bravely fighting cancer for more than a year.

The heartfelt message shared on media highlighted the family bonds that endure through tough times demonstrating the power of relationships even, in challenging situations."

Hartley's Professional Endeavours

Isabella Justice Hartley is preparing to start her career path. Her father, Justin Hartley made a name for himself as an actor, notably known for playing Fox Crane on the NBC soap opera Passions. In 2010 he not helped write the episode "Sacrifice". Also directed the 2011 episode called "Dominion."

Isabella herself appeared as Tom in the movie "Red Canyon," which was filmed in Utah's badlands. Furthermore, Justin gained fame for his role, in the NBC drama series "This Is Us”, in 2016.

The Hartley family continues to leave their mark on the entertainment industry by showcasing their talents in aspects of filmmaking.

Isabella's Physical Attributes

Isabella Justice Hartley has an elegant stature standing at 5 feet 4 inches, which is equivalent, to 64 inches. She maintains a weight of 50 kg showcasing a proportioned physique.

Isabella Justice Hartley with her daddyIsabella Justice Hartley maintains a weight of 50 kg showcasing a proportioned physique.
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Her standout features include captivating eyes that bring a unique charm to her appearance. Additionally, Isabella's luscious brown hair enhances her look.

The combination of her height, weight, and striking eye color adds to her individuality creating an air of mystery around this personality. As she embarks on her journey in the eye Isabella's physical attributes play a role, in shaping her distinctive and evolving identity.

How Wealthy Is Isabella Hartley?

Isabella Justice Hartley is currently focused on her education. Not earning any money while her father, Justin Hartley is thriving in his career, with earnings from brand endorsements and ads. Justin's estimated net worth stands at around $7 million. Is expected to increase as he takes on projects that require dedication.

As Isabella concentrates on her studies her father remains dedicated to advancing his success securing a future, for their family through various professional ventures.

Justice's Social Media Presence

Isabella Justice Hartley is quite active, on media on Instagram, where she has gathered a growing fanbase of over 40.5k followers a number that is steadily increasing.

Isabella Justice Hartley with her daddyIsabella Justice Hartley is quite active, on media on Instagram.
SOURCE: Pinterest

On her profile, she has shared 186 posts. Actively engages with her audience who show their love through likes and comments. It's worth noting that Isabella follows 1.8K accounts indicating her interest in content and building connections within the community.

With her popularity, on the rise her social media platforms have become a space for fans to connect and show appreciation. This dynamic online presence showcases her bond with fans and the evolving nature of her footprint.

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