Is Vladimir Putin the Richest Man in the World? Details about his Net Worth, Cars, Villas, Jets and Lifestyle

Possibly more talked about in American Politics than in his native Russia these days, Vladimir Putin is rising to the position of the most powerful man in the world.  

How much is one of the world’s most powerful person worth? It is a fair enough question, right? Finding out about every penny Putin owns isn't possible, but we do have a lot of details about the current Russian President Vladimir Putin's money matters. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Net worth

Bill Gates is popularly known as the richest man in the world. And how much is his net-worth? He leads the world's richest list with a whopping $89.1 billion net-worth, however, as per some source he might not be the richest person. Then who is the richest man in the world? 

According to some online sources, Vladimir Putin’s current net worth is around $70 billion, whereas, as per Dailymail he might have about $200 billion worth property. Could Vladimir Putin be the richest man in the world? Possibly. 

There are various sources through which he collects his ma s sive amount of money. He gets about $187,000 as an annual salary which plays only a minor role in his net worth while his personal investments are said to be the major source of his income. 

Vladimir Putin’s Jets and Helicopters

As per a dossier by his political rival, Putin could have access to up to 58 aircraft and 15 helicopters. And he also owns Ilyushin II-96 aircraft model.The report also claims he uses a private jet; has an $137 million cabin which has a bathroom with gold fitting and a $62,000 toilet.

Other than the luxurious jets and aircraft, he also owns numbers of luxury cars. As per some online sources, Vladimir Putin has over 100 luxury cars which include Mercedes, Lamborghini.

Palaces and Villas

The Russian President probably has the highest number of palaces and villas as compared to other renowned presidents. As per reports, he has about 20 palaces across Russia, some of them are:

Novo-Ogaryovo: It’s located in a forest on Roublevo-Uspensky highway near the Russian capital Moscow.

Bocharov Stream: It is a two-story building located in Sochi

Constantine Palace: It’s the monument of XVIII century in Strrelna outside St. Petersburg

Tantalum: The three-storied house is located about 40km far from the city of Saratov

Vladimir Putin’s Yacht

Putin owns many finest things and among those is a superyacht with a rather opaque existence. It was actually gifted by the FC Chelsea's owner Roman Abramovich.

The huge yacht has only a few uncovered areas. The most unusual open space in the yacht is a 50-by-10- foot indoor pool.

Vladimir Putin's Controversial Side

There are reports that state the Russian president might have abused his authority to increase his personal territory. However, those aren't proven reports. 

Some online sources have mentioned that he has privatized many previously state-owned industries. And that he has also built large secret ownership stakes several multi-billion dollar commodity firms.


Many official authorities and political analysts have claimed he is involved in corruption on creating a huge empire. According to the reports, he has spent a huge amount of money in building his $1 billion worth palace on the Black Sea Coast which he was supposed to have used on healthcare projects.

How Putin Spends his Billions?

It’s not confirmed whether he is the richest man or not but it’s pretty sure, he is the richest president in the world, leaving the American President Donald Trump way behind. As we already know he spends a huge amount of money in the real estate, it comes as no surprise that he has he has 20 luxurious palaces and villas.

He also spends lots of his money on his lifestyle. He is fond of hunting among other sports. And that is one expensive hobby.  

Quick Facts On Vladimir Putin

  • Vladimir Putin was born as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.
  • Putin was married to wife Lyudmila Putina since 1983, and after spending 31-lon-year as husband and wife he divorced her in 2014.
  • Putin has two children; daughters Maria Putina, and Yekaterina Putina.
  • Putin loves to keep Pets where he has two dogs, Buffy and Yume.


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