Is the news of supermodel Janice Dickinson being diagnosed with breast cancer true?

News by Clarence Published on 23 Sep,2016 Updated on 23 Sep,2016

The American supermodel Janice Dickinson is facing a serious problem after going under the knife. She did her breast implants a few years ago. She revealed that she was fighting a breast cancer as she opened up about her terrifying breast cancer.

Janice Dickinson's Breast Cancer

Janice Dickinson breaks down into tears when she opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis. It was really shocking. Back in March, she revealed that she became a victim of plastic surgery. She said her mother died of cancer and now she started fearing for herself. She is worried about her femininity when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

 The supermodel was diagnosed with the disease on March 12 and her doctor told she had a breast cancer. She started regretting and wished she never went under the knife. Doctors tested the tissue to see if cancer has reached the outer edges.  After an urgent mammogram, she was found to have an early stage of cancer that started in the milk ducts.

Dickinson celebrating being cancer free

Currently, she is enjoying and celebrating being cancer free.  After a course of radiation and undergoing two lumpectomies, she is now concentrating on increasing awareness of the condition. During her interview, she said, “she went through six-week long radiation, which is over now and she is scot-free”.

Dickinson is now focusing on bringing awareness to this as she has started working for all breast cancer charities. She thinks it’s a serious disease that affects millions of women around the world.  She explained everything about how she felt after the doctor told her that she’s suffering from breast cancer. She was really worried about her children.She shared her experience of going through a battery of tests and did a manual breast examination.