Is the former footballer and TV show host Copper Manning married?

News by Saburo Published on 05 May,2017 Updated on 09 Aug,2017

American Television host, Cooper Manning, the first son of former professional football quarterback, Archie Manning, earned more popularity with the success of Fox's show 'Manning Hours.'

But, is the 43 years old TV and football star married? Or is he single? Well, we are going to find that out!

Is Cooper Manning married?

Lesser known in the famous Manning family, Cooper Manning is a married man. He married Ellen Heidingsfelder, a lawyer in practice.The couple got married in 1999.

According to, the Manning couple met in their childhood. However, they didn't gain feeling for each other back then.When they grew older, they fell in love with each other. The couple eventually tied the knot in March 1999.

Cooper and Ellen Manning with their kids

Cooper and Ellen Manning with their kids


Cooper Manning and his wife Ellen Manning, are a happily married couple.They are blessed with three kids; one daughter, and two sons.

Manning's first child, May Manning was the first girl born in his family so he was much more delighted to welcome the little princess in the family.But he was also thrilled with the fact that nobody will ask her about football.

They named their second child Archie, which is also the name of the little boy's grandfather. Heid Manning is the couple's third child.

The famous Manning family

Manning family is famous for football as all the Manning sons are football stars including their father, Archie Manning, the former National Football League professional football quarterback.

Cooper Manning is the elder brother of football stars, Peyton Manning, the former professional football quarterback for National Football League, and Eli Manning, an American football quarterback for the New York Giants.

Manning Family

Manning Family

Among Famous Mannings, Cooper Manning is least popular and he jokes about that in his Twitter Bio.

Oldest son of Archie Manning...sometimes even I forget I exist. Not really Cooper Manning.

However, Cooper being least popular hasn't affected the bond between the Mannings. Cooper shares a healthy relationship with his family. Copper's mother once joked that he was his favorite son as he had given her three grandchildren nearby, meaning Copper Manning stays close to his family in New Orleans.