Is the 29 Year Old Allison Harvard Still Single? Harvard's Dating History Here

News by Saburo Published on 04 Jun,2017 Updated on 02 Aug,2017

Allison Harvard is an American model, artist, actress, and an Internet celebrity. She became famous as the America’s Next Top Model and America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars runner-up of both cycle 12.

Allison Harvard, the 29-year-old  model is apparently not single! Her fans must be curious to know who their favorite star is dating.  Who is currently dating? Who’s that lucky guy? Today, we disclose the dating history and current affairs of Allison Harvard.

Allison Harvard and Her New Boyfriend

Allison is currently dating Jeremy Burke, Upright Citizens Brigade alum. She is neither engaged nor married till date. The sources confirmed their relationship after they were spotted getting cozy in public.

Image: America's Next Top Model runner-up, Allison Harvard is not engaged yet

source: Instagram

Allison Harvard began dating Jeremy Burke in 2014. This duo is mostly seen going out for vacations to beaches, clubs, pools, and concerts. A healthy relationship should have a lot more comedy than drama. Allison and Jeremy seem to have a lot of that going on!

Image: Jeremy Burke, Allison Harvard

source: Instagram

Harvard and Burke featured together in March 2015 High Street Magazine.  Allison, as well as Jeremy, has been posting a lot of pictures with cute captions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has even indicated that she might be ready for getting to next level in her relationship with Jeremy.

Allison Harvard, Jeremy Burke enjoying Valentine's Day in HawaiiImage: Allison Harvard, Jeremy Burke enjoying Valentine's Day in Hawaii

source: Instagram

Harvard shared with her mates that she is very happy and had never met a guy like Burke. According to Allison, Burke can be her future husband too. In addition, Jeremy is also waiting for Valentine’s Day to propose Allison. Looking at their great chemistry, Harvard is likely to say yes.

Allison Harvard and Her Affairs

Like regular actresses, Allison doesn’t a have long dating history. Before Jeremy Burke, Allison was romantically linked to AJ Calderon based in California, United States. Calderon is a music producer and sound engineer. She mentioned:

“I have  a boyfriend in the States. I’m hoping to go back and forth here a lot. In the next trip, I really want to get him out here”.

In terms of long-distance relationship, Allison and AJ were so supportive of one another. AJ wishes no matter what kind of relationship Allison has with someone; she must be positive for them when it comes to the right opportunities.

Image: Allison Harvard, ex-boyfriend AJ Calderon

source: Haute Living

Allison Harvard’s relationship with AJ Calderon could not last long due to some personal issues. However, Allison has been doing great in her career and love life as well. 

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