Is Sloane Crosley single or Married, Who is she dating Currently? Know about her Affair

News by Saburo Published on 15 Jun,2017 Updated on 11 Aug,2017

Falling in love is easy but it's staying in a love that makes it hard. An American author Sloane Crosley had experienced it too.

We have a story of Sloane Crosley. What is her current relationship status? Let's find out about her personal life here from this column.

Is Sloane Crosley single?Or She is married?

The author of The New York Times bestselling essay collections, Sloane Crosley's personal life is full of a mystery. She hasn't revealed anything about her personal life and hasn't officially confirmed anyone as her boyfriend.

Sloane Crosley

Thirty-eight years old author seems quite active on her Twitter account, however, she is not one of those who shares about her personal life. Well, it looks like she loved to be talked more about her professional life rather than her personal life.

In an interview with a stone fox, Crosley said dating is hard. Probably this is the reason she has not outed her relationship status yet. As we all know, being a celebrity writer means tons of admirers, following and idolizing her as an icon so maintaining a decent image is more important than anything else.

Sloane Crosley's dating history

According to an article published by The New York Times in which four authors including Crosley, talked about their love issues.Crosley said she was in a relationship with Max who is a music recorder.

Sloane Crosley

Initially, their relationship was going well. They were happy with each other but after six months she realized she was more invested and their relationship is not working at all. Crosley and Max tried their best to make thing better.

Every time they got free they used to travel but nothing changed. Instead, they were pushing apart from each other.Eventually, they got separated.

Insight on Sloane Crosley career as an author

She started her writing career from her debut book, which is an essay collection, I Was Told There'd Be Cake. It was published on April 1, 2008, and became New York Times bestseller. Her essay collection also was nominated for The Thurber Prize that year.

Then she published her second essay collection How Did You Get This Number on June 15, 2010, which also became a New York Times bestseller.

Sloane Crosley

Following the success of her first and second essay collection book, she then released her first novel, The Clasp in October 2015. Her third essay book  Look Alive Out There, also got immense success.

Besides, she also wrote an e-book, Up The Down Volcano which was Amazon Kindle bestseller. According to Andy Borowitz, she was listed as Best American Nonrequired Reading and America's The 50 Funniest American Writers in 2011. Today we covered the story of your favorite writer Sloane Crosley. For more topics like this and fresh celebrity gossips, keep coming back to Article Bio.