Is Scotty Sire Gay, Know his personal life

News by Bartle Published on 21 Dec,2015 Updated on 14 Sep,2021

Scotty Sire is a comedic video content uploader and creator who have been famous in the six-second video-making application named Vine. This guy has collaborated with other viners and this application has provided a platform for him to rise up in fame and earn a name in the entertainment business. Through his wiki and bio pages are absent, people tend to search about him and find information and photos related to him on the internet.  

Scotty Sire has been said to have started his career in the construction business with his father. Though his childhood is unknown, he is said to have had worked as a bartender next. Bartending is still is a part-time job after making videos on Vine. He is of Lebanese descent and is currently living in California.

Scotty got his first tattoo when he was 18 and has been gaining more tattoos since. His follower list has crossed the mark of 2 million in May 2015 and this fact has further escalated him into fame. His partnership with Darious Benson, Gabrielle Hanna, and Gary Rojas has earned him fame among the viners and among the audience who view this website.

Sire is constantly surrounded by rumors of being gay. He lives with his roommate Gary Rojas and this might be one of the primary reasons for the talk about him being gay. Also, he has not disclosed much about his personal life. He has a brother named Davey and this is all that is available about his personal life. He has talked about having a girlfriend in some of his videos but the actual name and details of the girl he is talking about have not been known yet.  Though he has been constantly surrounded by rumors of being bi-sexual or gay, none of the rumors have been confirmed. He has never been married and doesn’t seem on planning to do so anytime soon. As far as all of the information can be collected and evaluated, it can be said that despite the rumors, Sire is not gay. He might or might not have a girlfriend and this fact will be difficult to find out unless Sire himself releases it. But it can be said for sure that unless he comes out of the closet, Scotty can be termed to be a perfectly straight male.

This 23-year lad is characteristically known for his comedic videos and tattoos on his body. The Vine application has made him rise to fame and he sure will last for a long time to come. His personal life has been a well-kept secret but it sure can be hoped that he releases more information about himself in the time to come.