Is media executive Ebro Darden satisfied with salary and net worth of his?

News by Clarence Published on 06 Nov,2016 Updated on 06 Nov,2016

Ebro Darden is a WQHT station's Hot Radio Music executive and radio presenter. Ebro considers the station as the best station in the world. When some of his colleagues left the station and moved to other stations. Why hasn't he left it? It's because of the money they pay. Let's have a look at the Hot Radio RJ And executive Ebro Darden's personal life.

Bonuses as a vice-director is a contemporary and hip-hop show host liked by every Newyorker. Advertiser and promoter of many fashion brand through his show byes him a celebrity life.

Salary and Net worth of Ebro

He earns more than 100 thousand dollars a month as a show host and Music Executive from the hot radio. The Star RJ has been people's companion from more than a decade and his net worth is around $800 thousand dollars. Though his salary is pretty high his spending habits decrease his net worth. He is often seen traveling with big celebs and family, Shopping expensive clothes and attires.

The RJ and his wife enjoy life to its fullest. The picture below shows the couple posting a twitter image with a long wrapped weed with a caption and you can guess the cost of a Joint in a city like NewYork.

The family guy and a resident of NY use public train services more often as a regular NY Yankee he drives Ford F-150 Raptor truck which costs 49520 dollars whenever he has to drive along with his family.

A lot is going on in his professional career nowadays which has decreased his net worth meanwhile because he is busy with his side projects and investment running under his directions such as  investment in his personal music studio and some music collection center too. We hope his collaboration with Dr. Dre's artists and beats find success and all his investments in recording studio and promotion of upcoming artist return his investment ten folds.