Is Glamour Model Jessica Cribbon Single, Dating, or Married? Details About Her Affairs-Hot Photos Alert!

Beauty pageants sure are a gateway to the glamor world. Glamor and swimwear model Jessica Cribbon who started her career from the Miss Universe West Australia competition in 2009 is someone who has entered the world of glitz and glamor via the contest. 

Beside beauty pageants, Cribbon has also grabbed a lot of attention for being the cover girl if magazines like Maxim and Zoo Weekly. The real question, however, still lies awake. Is the glamour model dating anyone currently? 

Is Glamour Model Jessica Cribbon Single? Or Is She Married?

Glamor and swimwear model Jessica Cribbon has grabbed millions of hearts from her bold and sexy appearance. She moved to America all the way from Australia in search of greener pastures and seems like she has finally found some ground to flourish. 

But does the newly found green pastures include romance? A possible boyfriend maybe?

Glamour and swimwear model Jessica Cribbon

Glamour and swimwear model Jessica Cribbon

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Currently thirty-two year old, model Jessica Cribbon hasn't introduced anyone as her boyfriend to the media, however, she has once mentioned about her boyfriend on her Instagram where she has over 640k followers. On her Instagram on 2 September 2017, she posted this photo where she talks about her boyfriend. 


A post shared by Jessica Cribbon (@jessicacribbon) on

In the shared post, she appeared topless wearing a leather jacket and she captioned the picture:

"I asked my boyfriend what my caption should be... his response "I forgot my shirt"

That is a definite sign that Jessica Cribbon has a boyfriend! The swimwear model didn't reveal her boyfriend's name or other further details though. 

Well, this is not the first time, the glamour model has talked about her boyfriend on her social media. Back in November 2011, she talked about her boyfriend, writing:

So my boyfriend asks me where in Europe I want to go to for Christmas! I'm thinking Spain! What do you guys think?

Was she talking about the same boyfriend she has now? Does this mean Jessica Cribbon is in a long-term relationship?Or, was she talking about her ex-boyfriend Darnell Hinson? Well, she is very secretive when it comes to her boyfriends and dating history. But, we at least do know that she has a boyfriend!

Jessica Cribbon's Opportunistic Entry to Modeling Career 

Cribbon who has served as a cover girl for magazines like Maxim and Zoo Weekly revealed that she got into modeling career by chance.

 In an interview with MAXIM in 2015, Cribbon said: 

I was approached by someone in the industry while completing my communications degree and after a vacation in Miami I was offered a unique position to move over to the US to further my modelling,

The model added:

Since then I have appeared in numerous magazines around the world, featured in many TV commercials, and also hosted several nightclub events across America.

Jessica Cribbon who is currently a successful glamor model became an official Monster Girl for Monster Energy in 2012.

Jessica Cribbon Quick Facts

  • Cribbon celebrated her birthday on February 27, 1985.
  • She was born in Perth, Australia.
  • Her birth sign is Pisces, she was an official Monster Girl for Monster Energy in 2012.
  • Cribbon is the winner of Ralph's Girl Next Door competition.


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