Is Fox News Correspondent Phil Keating Dating? Does he have a Girlfriend? Explore his Personal life and Career highlights

News by Saburo Published on 18 Feb,2018 Updated on 18 Feb,2018

Fox News Channel has introduced many talents and Miami based correspondent, Phil Keating is among them. From his nearly three decades of career, Keating has established himself as a well-known name in the field of journalism.  

He has been pro in the field for so many years does that mean his personal life is not as perfect? Is he married? Does Phil Keating have a girlfriend? We have all the details here!!        

Is Phil Keating Dating? Does he have a Girlfriend? Details Of His Personal Life        

The 49-year-old national correspondent of Fox News Channel Phil Keating is popular as daring and principled journalist. He has covered several wide range breaking news including the death of Caylee Anthony and Anna Nicole Smith.    

We are all up to date with all his work but when it comes to his personal is quite a mystery. He has always kept his private life, especially his dating life under the radar.

Phil Keating,49, is possibly single

Phil Keating,49, is possibly single,

Source: Blacktie Colorado

Some online sources claim that Keating is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Lisette Gonzalez since 2011, however, the journalist hasn't confirmed the rumor yet.

Moreover, Keating is also inactive in social media. So, as of now, we can assume that he is single and possibly looking for the perfect match. Buckle up, ladies!! It looks like you still have a chance. 

Phil Keating's Career Highlights

Keating is Miami based correspondent for Fox News. He joined the network in March 2004. Prior he was correspondent at Fox News' Dallas bureau.

During his service at Fox News, he covered many profile news including the trial of Jose Padilla, FNC's New Year's Eve special, All-American New Year in 2014 and the George Zimmerman murder trial In 2013. 

Miami based Fox News correspondent Phil Keating

 Miami based Fox News correspondent Phil Keating

Source: Social Miami

While covering FNC's New Year's Eve special,  All-American New Year the end of 2013 in Miami, Keating got an unexpected answer from a woman when he asked her to say something to the nation:

“We got five minutes ‘til 2014 and we’re gonna f*** s*** up!” the dark-haired beauty belted out.

Before Fox News, he worked at KUSA-TV as a lead reporter, WBNS-TV, and KHQ-TV. 

Phil Keating: Quick Facts

  • Phil Keating was born on April 11, 1968, to Donna Keating and Dave Keating.
  • He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and earned a B.A. degree in journalism.
  • He started his career as a reporter in 1990.
  • Keating also worked as a photographer at WMAZ-TV (CBS-13) in Macon, Georgia.