Is Emmy winning broadcaster Hari Sreenivasan married? Know more about his family and career

News by Clarence Published on 06 Nov,2016 Updated on 06 Nov,2016

Hariharan Srinivasan is a well-known host for PBS network News Hour's weekday presenter is inspirational Indian descendent anchor enjoys his professional success but in today's column we will let our readers know all about his personal life and his married life here. So without further delay we present to you; Some never heard interesting facts about his wife Sucheta Sachdev.

Srinivasan and Sujata are married and have a son

Hari and Sujata both belong from south-Indian Brahmin family. The couple married in southern style with the approval of their parents revolving around the fire. The couple is still together and have a beautiful baby boy who resembles both mother and father's best looks.

Hari and Suchita's Son

Though Hari is not so open about his family life we can find some of the pictures posted on a photographic site where the couple is posing clicks and cherishing their new member of the family.

Sucheta Sachdev works for Discovery Network

The wife of Hari Srinivasan, Sucheta works behind the camera for famous Discovery network. She is a Coordinating Producer of Investigation Discovery and Discovery Communications for the Discovery network which is a famous global science network.

In her seven years of career with the network,  she has raised to be a co-producer which shows the women of the Srinivasan family is another successful name to fit the frame. Sucheta is a double degree MA from The Georgetown University and possesses a University of Delaware's Bachelor of Arts and is currently married to Hari Srinivasan for more than two years. This adorable couple now has a baby boy who is nearly one year old. The couple lives in an apartment with a condo in New York City.

Married life and divorce rumors

The Couple is happily living their married life enjoying their ever growing professional career till today's date. The arrival of a newborn in their life has added a new dimension to their married life which they are exploring slowly. So far we don't have any divorce rumors to talk about in Hari and Sucheta's life and we hope this stays the same.