Is E!'s Melanie Bromle's Married, Or Is She Dating Anyone? Details - Cancer Battle and More!

News by Saburo Published on 07 Nov,2017 Updated on 07 Nov,2017

It's a very tough moment to handle when one gets some devastating news all of a sudden. American-based British-born broadcaster Melanie Bromley faced the shock and grief when she faced the news of skin cancer back a few years ago. 

What is Melanie Bromley currently doing in her life? We're discussing the TV personality's side of life here. 


What Melanie Bromley Currently Doing? 

The 43-year-old journalist is currently working on E! News as the chief correspondent. Additionally, she is dedicated to various shows in the network itself.

Besides her fantastic career, Melanie has her personal life moving at a slow pace. The star's fame is growing day by day, but maybe she isn't a great fan of curious fans pushing into her personal life. 

Melanie Bromley in a photo shootMelanie Bromley in a photo shoot, Source: Alchetron

Many journalists are actively involved in other celebs' personal life, but when it comes to their own, most of them remain entirely silent. 

And, as far as we can tell Bromley is possibly single at present. There are rumors about her dating life. Not just that, even her her past dating life is in complete shade. Someone should make an episode on E! based on Bromley's dating life. What do you think? 

Melanie Bromley And Her Battle With Skin Cancer

She was shocked when she got a call from her doctor. In July 2015, Bromley revealed that she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

The celebrity news expert was devastated with the news. 

Fans were always with her though! 

Melanie Bromley got the news of her Basal Cell Carcinoma, one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States, when she was getting ready for a live show. 

Melanie Bromley went to see her doctor a month back when she spotted some discoloration on her skin. She had immediately felt that something was going wrong with her appearance.

Despite her busy schedule, the correspondent took an appointment once she was back to the United States. Her doctor suggested her for a biopsy.

Doctor said,

That doesn't look right at all. We need to do a biopsy.

The biopsy revealed she had cancer. 

Instead of getting depressed and panicking Melanie fought the best way she could and now, she's cancer-free. 

Quick Facts On Melanie Bromley

  • Born on 30 September 1974 in London, England.
  • Enrolled at the University of Wales, Swansea and achieved Bachelors degree in Geography.
  • Later attended City University attaining Master's degree in Broadcast Journalism.
  • Initiated her career as the European Bureau correspondent for US Weekly in 2003.
  • Later gained the opportunity to work on E! News and E! Online as Senior Correspondent.
  • Also featured on CNN, The Today Show, BBC, Sky News and Daybreak.